Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eye Opener

Are you a coffee drinker? Sugar user? While sitting at the breakfast table this morning, Paul wanted to make a point to me, and HE DID!

One a typical day, I probably have three cups of coffee, and each of those cups.....I use 2 (heaping) teaspoons of sugar.

The picture -- my daily consumption of sugar (6 tsp) JUST in my coffee!!! (not to count the sugar that's included in the French Vanilla creamer). I certainly had an eye opener, and will be determined to drop my consumption down to one tsp per cup........and eventually none???? :\ I'm not going to push it too far just yet.

On another note....the seedlings are emerging! It's crazy how exciting it is to see those lil' green buggars popping out of the dirt. All of our starter seeds will continue to grow and be nurtured until we are able to transplant them out in the garden. The typical transplant date for our area: Memorial weekend.


scraphappy said...

Good luck on cutting back on your sugar consumption. Your baby seedlings are looking great! Memorial day is just around the corner.

Andee said...

Have you ever tried Truvia? It is a natural sugar substitute that really tastes like sugar. Two years ago I went from FOUR teaspoons or packets of sugar in a large coffee to one sugar, one Truvia and now I don't even need real sugar! It isn't like nutrasweet with that aftertaste..I can't stand that stuff!

Quilter Kathy said...

I love planting seeds early too. I plan to start mine on easter weekend and hope to plant by the end of May if it is warm enough.

Mary said...

That is a lot of sugar ... I don't add any if I use one of the flavored creamers. Coffee with Half and half gets a package of Splenda. I think your coffee would taste like syrup to me!!