Saturday, April 7, 2012

Organizing scrap boxes

Alright...I KNOW this doesn't look very organized, but this IS my "AFTER" picture. :\ On second thought....perhaps I shouldn't call it an "AFTER" picture quite yet. It's definitely more like a "DURING TRANSITIONS" picture.

THIS was the "BEFORE" picture. You can't even SEE much of the carpet, or even really determine how many boxes are present. Yesterday and part of this morning, I spent time sifting through these boxes; pressing, cutting, and reboxing fabrics that were not quilt-worthy (some homespuns, lots of polyester and some too-flimsey-fabrics that have been given to me in garage-sale-find boxes).

I've been cutting up loads of "nickels" and piecing a few more "Scrappy Pieces".

And when I had had enough of that.....I headed over to the quilting frame and spent a couple of hours behind the machine.

I just ran out of wound bobbins, so I took that as a sign for a needed break. A little coffee and bagel....checking to make sure the girls are being respectful to each other (aka: not killing each other), and I'll be back at it all again soon.

Happy Easter Saturday!

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soscrappy said...

Hope your day of play was fabulous. Something about starting the day in organization mode makes the sewing part even better. Hope you found some real treasures in those boxes.