Sunday, April 22, 2012

A "friendly" day

Sporting her new glasses, Caitlyn invited a friend for a belated birthday sleep-over Friday night. She lives down the road a few miles; they ride the same bus and have been in the same class in school. Cadence was thrilled to chase chickens and spend some time outside at the "Skattebo Ranch."

After lunch on Saturday, we took a trip to the local greenhouse to load up on some seeds and fertilizer (even though planing season for Wisconsin is still a few weeks away.)

The three girls enjoyed some time in a make-shift sandbox while Paul and I perused the seed shelves inside.

The seedlings in our own mini-indoor greenhouse are growing nicely. We are about 6 weeks away from being able to move them outside into the dirt, so still LOADS of time to grow into transplantable plants.

Back at the homefront after the greenhouse trip, Cadence was more than willing to help out with some chores to prep the pigpen area......
because.......the PIGGGGGGIES arrived!!!!!

We have "Dotty" and "Pinky" this year. {{Paul wanted them to be called Snort and Squeal......**shaking head**...... clearly he needs practice when it comes to naming animals.}}
BUT, he does NOT need help at trapping naughty chicken-eating culprits!!! This is what showed up in the trap he set out after we lost another chicken last week. Naughty-naughty cat!!!!!

My only quilty note:  I put in only one hour of sewing yesterday; nothing that I deemed worthy of taking a picture of.  I sewed together the sashing strips for my mom's BearPaw quilt.

 It's 10:30 AM right now; I've already taken care of transplanting the seedlings into bigger pots; spent some time on the tractor with Paul, and now taking a short coffee break before heading back out to transplant some raspberry plants that we dug up a couple of weeks ago.  They are being moved to a better location than where they currently are since the patch has outgrown its original location.

It's an overcast day; high 40's. Not a SUPER great "outdoors" day, but Paul and I are BOTH antsy with "garden-fever," so we're doing what we can.


soscrappy said...

The cat looks a little upset at having been caught. What did you do with him? Hope it warms up soon. 40s and sunny sounds more lie the deep chill of winter than the first hint of spring. Good luck finding some sewing time. Summer will be here before you know it.

Andee said...

Sounds like a great day! Your seedlings are coming along and I am envious of your future berries!