Friday, April 6, 2012

Powerful evening

Despite having lived in my town of Shell Lake for 14 years, I had yet to make a performance of the Easter Alive "passion" that a local church offers out to the public. However, this year, being my first year HOME for Easter weekend, and with a personal invitation from a special student in hand, my girls and I dressed up for an evening of Easter Alive - "How He Loves".

Growing up, I recall watching a live "passion" that my mom had taken me to.......and I'll have to ask her where that was held, because I was VERY little and only faintly recall it. I remember seeing the crosses in the distance. It must have been quite "powerful" for me to remember it.

And that is yet again the word I choose to describe the hours spent at Shell Lake Full Gospel this evening. POWERFUL. Cassie and I were both moved to tears that lasted long after the stone was rolled away and the audience was bathed in the bright light of resurrection. I am certain the girls, specially Cassie, will not forget tonight.

And Grandma.....(I know you are reading this)...... there were many questions tonight that I am certain will be directed your way next weekend

May you all have a blessed Easter weekend.

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Linda said...

Yes Amy, it is powerful. This is the first year Chad wasn't a part of the drama. If you have a chance listen to the song, "End of the Beginning" by David Phelps or "When Love Sees You" by Mac Powell. Both songs are also powerful. For us to know that how and why Christ suffered.