Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A 33-minute phone conversation with Mom...

I'm sorry...but no matter HOW old you get.....Mom is still Mom!  And when she's needed.....I'm thankful mine is still there!




I internalize anything that has my name attached to it!  I put my BEST WORK forward.  I pride myself on a strong, motivated work ethic. I pride myself on GOOD products that have my name on them.  Do you get the drift that I want my name to bring on comments of dedication, pride, work ethic, ...

So, this morning, when I come in from picking tomatoes and after a few moments of quilting...I check my phone at 10:30...showing a missed call and 2 texts.  :|  That's not the norm for MY phone.

Missed called:  school office
Text #1:  Teacher colleague #1 -- "Are you here at school?"
Text #2:  Teacher colleague #2 -- "Are you ok?  Where are you?"

Uhoh....this can't be good.
So I call the office.........only to be informed that I was scheduled to PRESENT today at 10:00 and 11:00 at our school's Technology Institute.


WHAT!  How did I miss THAT one?!?!?

So, with my heart beating out of my chest and my body reacting to a sheer panic....adrenaline painfully shooting through my arms (does that happen to anyone else?!?!)....I pull up my school email account to see what on earth I might have missed;  maybe an unread attachment?????  I knew ABOUT the Institute today, and I am (was?) a member of the technology committee, but really didn't have any intentions in being a participant, despite a stipend being offered to participants and presenters.

I couldn't find anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  No email.  No phone call.  No text.

In the next hour, a few emails were sent between myself and other individuals involved.   And in the end, some ownership was claimed ... "I knew you hadn't received any emails about this."

My thoughts are SCA-REAMING comments right now based on that line, but I've been attempting to "let it go...let it go....let it go."

But again....for ME....it comes down to:  MY NAME WAS LISTED ON THAT PROGRAM!  And I was never contacted.

So, yeah.......after hours of continual fretting, wondering if a legitimate mistake was made.....or if a growing target is on my back.......I finally called Mom.   THANKS MOM!!!!!

I can't BUH-LIEVE my job truly may lead me to therapy!!!!!!

And thanks for letting me vent to all of you who have read down this far.
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