Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Starry day

Well, the motivation dust was wearing off for sure.  I woke up a bit sluggish today and with a sore back, but I relaxed with some coffee, ibuprofin and the laptop.  By 7:30, I was ready to meander my way downstairs to load Star Path onto the quilt frame and see how far I could get by the time I needed to drop off Candace and Caitlyn to a play-date at 10:00.

QOV Mystery #28: Star Path (65" x 75")
A nice, small quilt was enjoyable after having had two King size quilts on the frame recently.

Binding has not been completed yet, but I set it aside for now because I was in the mood to sit for a bit. My back was a bit achy despite having taken the ibuprofin :(

Star Harbor (57"x72")
So, I pulled out Star Harbor and worked on the final inner border and the outside border.  Fabrics were gathered and sewn into a backing right away.......and early this afternoon I even loaded it all up on the quilting frame.

I would LOVE to say that I quilted it up lickity-split, but I was fading fast.  Pooper-doopered out.  And KILLLLER back ache!

 As I was packing up, I heard a chirp-chirp-chirp rukus.  One of the adolescents (no longer babies!) was out walking around on the cement walk-out.  I'm sure s/he was looking for some bugs or worms after the bit of rain we received. 

After dinner, I was guilted a little bit into heading out to the garden, (after taking a couple more ibuprofin), so I picked a few ripe cucumbers and tomatoes, and also gave the younger tomato plants a much needed haircut.  There was one easily over 5 feet tall!

I'm now relaxing with the Olympics.  My back is finally feeling better....I think the ibuprofin is finally permeating the muscles.  Plus, the Icy-Hot I rubbed on it has a wonderful relaxing aspect too ;)


Andee said...

Looks great! And then you sneak another one on the! I did hear back from one of my quilters...the five I sent her are done, so I have made quilt by check progress!

Dee said...

I'm always impressed at how quickly you get yours quilted. And especially with a backache! I usually find that quilting on the frame aggravates my back so I'm surprised you managed to do a whole quilt and load a second one. I also really like the look of Star Harbor; it's just beautiful.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Love the quilts!!! They really turned out nice

Amanda said...

It sounds as if you deserved a day off after your marathon efforts over the last few days. I do hope your back improves soon.

Candace said...

These are fantastic. When I read your post a song kept going through my mind and I looked on google for quite awhile looking for daytime, nighttime and then later in the day it occurred to me that it is Sunrise, Sunset.
I guess basically, your quilts just seem like night and day.