Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We're Turtle sitting!

A friend of Cassie's is heading out of town for the weekend, and so we were asked to Turtlesit for her 3 baby turtles.

Oh my goodness!  
These lil' things are sooooo stinkin' Cah-uuuuuuuutttte!


Andra Gayle said...

we have one-a red earred slider. She is about 10+ inches from front of shell to back. She is about 9 years old. She was about half the size of those in your pictures when we got her.

Amanda said...

Number Two Son bought a couple of red eared turtles for his partner about eighteen months ago and they are so dinky, we always head straight to the tank when we got to visit. They've grown quite a bit but will apparently only get as big as the tank will allow, a bit like fish. Enjoy turtle sitting while you can and learn about them - there are bound to be demands for turtles of your own!

Deb said...

I see a turtle in your future after these head home =)

scholarpon said...

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