Sunday, March 17, 2013

Life is good!

Glorious sunshine today!  And very deceiving! LOL
The avg. temp during my run today: 17 degrees, with a decently strong wind on the "outs" of my out-n-back.

And I'll tell ya... I only remember one other time in my life where I have reached the "runner's flow."  TODAY was one of those days!
I really only had intentions of doing a simple, easy 3 mile loop....  

...but the legs felt GREAT, so those 3 miles tripled into NINE! :)
AND, my 9th mile was the fastest to boot.  Can't be anything but pleased today.
But here is the kicker of 'em all today....

So far in March alone, I've run 76.3 miles;  that's TEN MILES more than I ran last year TOTAL!!!
AND, so far this year, I've run MORE than I ran total in 2011; sitting currently at exactly 217.00 miles. My OCD is loving that number :)

I certainly hope y'all don't get sick of my running posts.  The obsessive dedication is going strong :)

Family time is also still a priority!  Last night, once again, the girls and I headed to Skate City for a couple hours of skating enjoyment :)  Caitlyn was in the top-five for the Limbo; Cassie and a friend enjoyed tormenting both little sisters, and Candace.... well... Candace just skated; and fell; and skated some more :)

AND AND AND.... THIS task just means that Spring is getting ever so much closer :D

I'll see what I can muster up now in the quilting room :)


Kevin the Quilter said...

Imagine if you will, me, standing with a sign, that reads.......RUN! FORREST, RUN!!!!!!!!!.....OOOPS! I mean GO! AMY! GO!!!!!!!!!!

Andee said...

You go girl..I have only been biking on Monday nights..UGH! Will try to redouble my efforts!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Ohhh the gardening posts are going to start too! I love it. I might get around to getting something little planted this year in a pot or something.