Sunday, March 3, 2013

Long Run Sunday - 12 miles

Yes Ma'ams and Sirs:  I dutifully ran my scheduled long run this morning, and the weather was nice enough to allow me to have some scenery instead of the boring human-hamster treadmill.  Goodness!  I don't think I could have pushed out 12 miles on the treadmill this morning!  

Today's training plan:  12 miles @ 11:23.  Yet again, I ran faster than the listed pace on my training plan via;  I had already mentally decided on 11:00 miles;  pretty close!

The lake pictured is the reason behind my town's name:  Shell Lake.  Ideally, I had set out to run the lake loop, which is a bit more than 9 miles.  But... as I was in the midst of mile 5, my mind was starting to consider being satisfied with 9 miles.  I had to make a "mentally tough" choice at mile 5... to turn my run into an out-n-back instead of a loop.  I kinda know me by now;  had I continued around the lake, I'm pretty certain I would have seen my vehicle after circling the lake... and probably would have said..."good enough" with 9 miles, instead of finding another course to push out 3 more miles.

Therefore, once I reached my half-way point of 6 miles, I turned around. 

The mileage breakdown...

February summed up to 17 runs; 77.4 miles.  Not too bad.  17/28 days = 61% of the month.
March is off to an okay start.  I accepted a Run-a-Mile-Everyday-in-March Challenge;  sadly Friday (3/1) was booked.  Well......I COULD have run in the morning had I woke up earlier;  NO EXCUSES, right???!! :)
From here on out, I WILL run at least one mile everyday in March.

Fellow runners who are also training for one race or another are concerned about 'over training' with this challenge.  I also had that thought cross my mind, but then... it hit me!  We don't need to 'train' with that mile!  It could simply be a warmup or cooldown mile on the cross-training days.  Makes sense!

Alright.  3:00.  I have schoolwork-schmoolwork.  Not really interested in doing it, so I won't.  I'm thinking of heading downstairs for a little while.  Hmmm......

OR, I could go in research-mode for long run nutrition.  Today, I was reminded of the importance of nutrition on runs that exceed 6 miles.  My breakfast before my run consisted of a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of creamer and a teaspoon of sugar.  That's it.  Hm... not very wise, huh?   I didn't really notice any drastic depletion/energy loss during my run, but I could tell I was depleted once I came home and sat down.  My husband could tell, too.  I was a bit "snippy" -- and it wasn't until an hour after lunch that I REALLY could tell how empty I had been.  Once the AMAZING lunch nutrients hit my system, I was better;  and quite a bit less "snippy."  LOL.   Lunch?  Paul cooked up some pork with orange slices and some kitchen sink stir fry, piled over brown rice.  Really a great runner's meal! {Although, he could leave the canned peas out next time} Just sayin' :D

Happy Sunday!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Another few weeks, you can and will run all the way AROUND the lake. Woo Hoo.

Dee said...

You've really hit the running hard this year. It must feel great! Congratulations on going the entire distance!