Saturday, May 18, 2013

15 hours, and counting... [Green Bay Marathon]

Please forgive my lil' bit of attitude today.  Saw this on FB... and liked it. :D

I'm chilling at my sister's house right now.  Seeing that she lives an hour north of Green Bay, I made the drive over with the girls after staying at Grandma's last night.  Grandma ended up tagging along, and my sister also decided to make the trip down to GB in the morning.... So, I went from having no spectators planned to now having 5 (my 3 girls included)!  Woohooo :)

My sister likes it when I visit because I usually cook up some kind of bigger meal; something that she and her husband, Derek, aren't accustomed to, being just the two of them.  Tonight's menu:  Lasagna.  She even requested TWO pans of lasagna so that she could freeze up some for smaller meals for herself and Derek :)  LOL.  No biggy.

Feeling a bit antsy right now.  Ho-hum, ho-hum...

Off to see what everyone is up to in their quilting rooms today :)

Happy Saturday!


Kevin the Quilter said...

Best wishes to you tomorrow! If you start feeling exhausted, just picture me there in a cheerleaders outfit and a megaphone! YOU CAN DO IT! LOL

Amanda said...

You've probably finished by now, so good wishes are a bit late, but I do hope it went well, good weather, no blisters or chafing, no cramp etc.

scraphappy said...

Hoping for an AWESOME marathon. Nothing better than that feeling of finishing. You GO GIRL!

Andee said...

That dish is tons of work...sure hope she thanked you tons! :)