Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day plants & Nephew's quilt

Does your school's Ag (FFA) group offer a Mother's Day sale too?  I have to chuckle a little bit every year that "mom" pays for her own flowers :)
BUT, I do enjoy supporting the FFA this way;  it's always nice getting some new color into the house with the first signs of Spring.

Caitlyn picked out two of the same varieties, so I put both of them in this larger pot.  Eventually, when the weather is nice enough, it'll make its way outside by the humming bird feeder.

The fragrance of Marigolds is so strong; it's always a must every year.  

The day has been filled with potting plants, giving some TLC to the seedlings (tomatoes and peppers - no pic), loads of laundry, cleaning house... a bit of normalcy, I guess.

However, I also put ALMOST all of the finishing touches on my nephew's Graduation quilt.
{I don't think any of my in-laws know about my blog, so I think it's safe showing pics}

My portion of the quilt was to do the quilting, binding and labeling.
My Mother-in-Law pieced the top.  My part is so minimal compared to everything my MIL had to do;  to me, it only seemed fitting that she is recognized as the main quilt creator on the label;  A special gift from Grandmother to Grandson on his graduation day.
This is ONE HEAVY quilt!  It's long too!  Shown here on my King size bed, it'll be plenty plenty, plenty large enough {{and then some!!}}

All that remains is for me to hand-stitch the label onto the back.  I plan to deliver it to my MIL next weekend on the way to my Green Bay marathon.

Paul is working the night-shift tonight, so I might find myself heading downstairs for some Lazy Sunday mystery piecing.  ALL of my deadlines have officially been crossed off.  Boy, that feels good :)

On the school-front...
My students and I counted down the days yesterday;  15 1/2 days left.  Suddenly, the end is looming incredibly close!  Specially with graduation only two weeks away!

My AP-Statistics students had their big AP test yesterday afternoon.  If there were ever times/days when to NOT schedule an's Monday mornings and Friday afternoons!!!   Our school day ends at 3:24, and the kiddos were still in the exam room finishing up.  I felt like I was waiting outside a labor-and-delivery room for a child to be born!  Pacing, pacing, biting nails....
When they emerged, after some initial goofy-hugginess and fake exaggerated tears (...LOL... these really ARE awesomely funny kids!!!!) of my boys said...."Mrs. S.  I think you over prepared us.  It really didn't seem that bad."  .... to which there were a few other nods of agreement.  

BOY!  That made me feel relieved.

So now, we all wait until July for the scores.  First year AP-Statistics - DONE.

Happy Saturday.

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Andee said...

Love your story about the AP I know you are an amazing teacher..just the fact that you can go in there day after day and do your best and really care puts you ahead of most!