Friday, May 31, 2013

Awesome day to be a LAKER FAN!

Laker, as in.... Shell Lake Laker. (Not LA Lakers)

We have many female track athletes advancing to the Finals tomorrow at our State Track-n-Field meet 

Our softball girls brought home the Sectional championship earlier today and will be advancing to the State Championship next Friday...

It's an amazing day to sport our Blue-n-Gold school colors :D
And all the youth softball fun is JUST beginning!
Games every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night!
The summer schedule is sooooooo close to becoming reality :)
I can't wait.

1.5 more days.

But first.....this weekend, for the next 48-60 hours, there is only ONE word in our minds.....

The time has finally arrived for us to get everything planted.

Happy Friday everyone :)


Kevin the Quilter said...

It's so cool to have a successful season in a sporting event! But, I have to admit, I am even more excited about your garden! LOL

scraphappy said...

So many great activities all pulling you in fabulous and fun directions. Sounds like a busy summer is just about to get under way!!!!!!!!