Thursday, May 16, 2013

Am I ready?

I have been asked quite a bit lately....
"Are you ready for Sunday, Amy?"

My response has been simply... "You bet."

This isn't my first trip to the rodeo.  My answer would certainly be different if it were.
I know I'll finish.
Walk or run... I'll cross the finish line.  That I know.
I have trained for a total of more miles than I ever have for any other race.
I have established both a reasonable goal established and an ultimate goal for this race.

Reasonable goal:  Improve on my Personal Best time previously run, which is 4 hours 59 minutes from 2007.  My confidence of meeting this goal is 90+%.  I feel I have put my training time in, and  I am more ready now than ever before for a marathon race.

Ultimate goal:  The training program I've been following has 10:01/mile written for my average goal per mile.  Ummm......  I am about 5% positive on being able to achieve that.  :\  I really just don't think I can sustain that pace for the whole 26.2.  I know I can sustain it for 13.1;  afterall, recall my 9:31/mile Half-marathon a couple of weeks ago.  BUT, extending that for another 13.1.......???....   I think I know the limitations of my legs and body right now....and 10:01/mile just seems a bit too much.

Therefore, here's my Reasonable Ultimate goal:
4 hours 35 minutes -- 10:30/mile.
It's a steep goal!  Truly.
But I will shoot for it :)
However, the little voice in my head is saying that I'll even be happy with 11:00/mile (4 hours 48 minutes).

The weather outlook:  So far, the weather app is showing a sunshiny day:  57 low / 75 high.  Not sure about wind (which is MY achilles heel!!!  ick)

My left knee has been bothersome during my last few runs which is a bit concerning.
The course is rather flat, so hopefully it'll last the duration without too much difficulty.
The water stations are nicely distributed to match with my "1/2 GU every 3 miles" training I've done.
My girls and mom will be cheering me along the course (yayyyyy!)
All in all....

Yeah, I'm ready :)

And besides... I get to run around Lambeau Field, home of America's Green Bay Packers during my final mile!  That's ENOUGH reason to put in the first 25 :)


Tiffany said...

You'll be in my neck of the woods!

Good luck! You can do it. You seem to have reasonable goals, and aren't reaching too far - so can't wait to hear how well you did! :)

Beth said...

Good luck sounds like great weather for a run with a few thousand friends. That is always what I tell myself. I love that race! Have fun and I will be thinking of you meeting those goals!

Jackie said...

Good Luck Amy! You sound very prepared and your goal seems very reasonable and attainable!

Alycia said...

Go Amy!! Go Amy - you can totally do it!!!

Andra Gayle said...

Have fun! Hope its a great run!

Candace said...

Looking forward to hearing how you do, I'm sure that you will do wonderfully, and as the Irish say:
May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
And the rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again, (in Blogland)
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
Do Good!