Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The addiction returns!!!

The day was NOT full of quilting; I was out of the house by 7:45 am and didn't return until 4:30 pm. However, by 6:00 pm, I was heading downstairs after dinner while the girls were relaxing with The Bee Movie.

The outcome -- Pinwheels and Prairie Points top finished (my rename of A Pinwheel Baby quilt, Moda Bake Shop.)

This pattern is AQF!!!!!

I did not put binding on Candace's Stars yet, so no "final finish" for June.

However, my goals for tomorrow:
  • Bind Candace's Stars (My FIRST planned July finish)
  • Sandwich, quilt and bind Pinwheels and Prairie Points (My SECOND planned July finish)
  • Finish quilting the middle section of DWR
  • Finish quilting the 2nd Pillow Sham for DWR (My sorta THIRD planned July finish)
  • Sandwich the final section of DWR

    and THEN....if I still have time and if my patience caves, I'll see about tackling the first step of Lynne's Celtic Knot Mystery :0)

    Happy Tuesday!

    Candace said...

    You are amazing, I can't believe those little points on your completed quilt top are the little triangles in yesterdays post. Did your fingers cramp up by the end from all the folding and holding and sewing? Another beauty, I like white backgrounds more and more.

    Patchwork Penguin said...

    Oh they are so beautiful!!! You have been busy. Are they vines machine or hand applique? I get frustrated doing it by machine...... too many starts and stops.



    Andee said...

    I am sure you will accomplish these goals..I am working on my Amy Butler hat since I will need to wear it down the Salt River Saturday...beyond that...but I can't wait to see your Celtic Knot!

    scraphappy said...

    How absolutely adorable. I think you have inspired me to start collecting some 30's prints. I have absolutely none in my stash, and every time I see a quilt done with them, it looks so fresh and happy. Speaking of inspiration, you have inspired my to get off my behind and go finish something!