Sunday, April 25, 2010

At the Parent's

Hanging out at the parent's house this weekend; we're up and at'em, watching Sunday morning cartoons rigt now; Candace cuddled in next to me in "Grandpa's recliner" and Grandpa is stuck over in "Grandma's glider" while Grandma is on the couch cuddled next to Caitlyn. DH is also on the couch; cuddling with no one :0)

I didn't bring a quilting project, per se. I kinda sorta did, though.
Before leaving the house, I packed up every quilting magazine I could find in a box and threw 'em in the car. Two big boxes full. Yesterday, I started sifting through one box; going through each magazine; ripping out patterns that I HOPE to someday make and organizing them into a binder with sheet protectors (small purchase while shopping at Walmart yesterday). So far, I have gone through one box; half of the magazines are on the "toss" pile (since patterns were removed from them), while they other half are on the "sell on ebay?" pile (since I didn't take a single pattern from it). OH---there are only THREE so far that I have kept whole and will be keeping for myself because they have more than 2 patterns in them that I would be interested in making. LOL. Thank goodness I'm young and have YEARS ahead of me to make all these projects!!! I bought the smaller package of sheet protectors (50), so I DO have a limit.....

On the ride down to my parents, I worked on the May BOM files. I can promise you one thing: all three blocks are nice-n-easy this month!!! Watch for them Thursday or Friday evening....

Yesterday, I also dragged my SIL to Hancock Fabrics because she has requested a quilt in blues and browns. We all know how many blue hues there are, right??! I wan't about to try to figure out her colors, so she needed to come and pick them out. Sorry, but pics will need to wait until I'm back home because I don't want to tinker to try to a) uploads pics to Dad's computer, and b) I don't want to WAIT for the pic to upload to Blogger {{my parents SERIOUSLY have to get something other than dial-up!}}

Then, when we arrived back "home," I had her sift through my quilting magazines to see if she saw a pattern she liked. That poor girl! She's not a quilter, and so when she started seeing all the cutting and piecing, etc... she commented "Gosh--I've never really observed patterns before. I just want something 'floofy'."

Well--THAT comment helped me immensely! She will not want cotton batting---too heavy. She will not want a fancy pattern with lots of seam---too heavy. She will not want lots of quilting done---to stiff and heavy.

SO---we found a LOVELY simply pattern; big square blocks with some smaller strips of sashing...{{again, pic to come later}}'s almost 8:00 am, coffee is done and the powdered-sugar donuts are calling my name!

Happy Sunday!


Tricia said...

"Floofy"-I LOVE it! When I read that I immediately had to tell my daughter(the only one who is out of bed this early!) and we laughed and laughed!
Thanks for the great start to my day!

Anonymous said...


Lori said...

I know exactly what your saying about the quilt mags.

Can't wait to see what your sis picked out.

scraphappy said...

I will never forget that moment of realization that first hit my sister when she requested a quilt and volunteered to help make it. She set aside almost a whole day for it, and about dinner time got such a forlorn look on her face and said, "I had no idea there were so many steps in making a quilt." At least now I know she appreciates the effort involved when she gets a quilt as a gift.

Going through all those magazines is a great weekend project to keep you busy while away from all of your machines. Now you can bask in the glory of your organization while you decide what to start next.