Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Time needs to slow down!

It's Wednesday night already!
Monday was shot with unpacking from the long weekend...
Last night was terrible because a nasty head cold took over my body and I felt like doing NOTHING...
Tonight---I sure hope to see some quilting time

I'm trying to not allow Angela to "get to me"---yeah, she's already gloating at the three weeks (THREE WEEKS!!!!) that she has left of the school year. WOW! Where has this school year gone???

We'll be there soon enough----5 weeks for us (3 for seniors)


Happy Wednesday!


scraphappy said...

Trying so hard not to gloat. I'm just so happy that more quilting time is on the horizon!!!!!!! No more counting down for me. Seriously. I'll try to contain my enthusiasm.

Lori said...

You teachers are funny! I do empathize with you...The last weeks must seem to drag on, kids are not focused, exams....Yikes!!

I hope your feeling better!

Patchwork Penguin said...

Five Mondays left here (6 if you count Memorial Day).... kids are already shutting down.

I'm not ready to be an entertainer and a teacher at the same time.

This is when I think year-round school would be a great idea. LOL