Sunday, April 18, 2010

BOM guess? Jade's Hearts & Hannah's Rotation; Stash Report 4/12 - 4/18

May is right around the corner, so I spent the morning today piecing together and taking pics of the three May BOM's. All of the blocks come from Maggie Malone's book...
{{see that green $1.00 price tag??? LOVELY garage sale find!!!!}} ...I'll share more information (copyright, etc) once the May blocks are posted. ALL of the May blocks are easy-peasy :0) Whew......(only one is kinda putzy)

Wanna play a guessing game?...
...These are the pieces for one of the May blocks. Dare to take a gander at what the block is??? [[4 white squares, 1 blue square, and 8 each of red and white QST's]]

I also laid out the blocks from January - April...
...(I snapped a pic of the progress from January - May too, but I can't give away the guessing game) ;0)

Hannah's Rotation saw some machine time today after being guilted into it this past week. I informed Hannah that I realllly didn't know if this quilt was going to get finished in time, but she looked at me and said..."do you know how long it took me to color that?" **sigh** She's right! She put the time in to create a beautiful design---I can put the time in to make it come to life. I have decided to move it to the Leader-Ender task---these blocks are soooo putzy! I have another full month before I need to worry about having the top pieced in order for me to have time to quilt it before the "big reveal" at the end of May. The good news: because of the rotational symmetry, I'm making two blocks at a time, both identical to each other. So, even though it only looks like 6 blocks are pictured, there are actually 12.

Jade's Hearts also saw some progress. The quilt is half complete, but these "heart" units are going to take some time because of all the pieces. I've decided to complete them one row at a time...
...the top row of the 9 remaining blocks are currently chained under the foot right now.

As bad as I wanted to burn through some border fabric of Steppin' Out, Pineapple Blossom, American Classic and Shades of Green to make this week's Stash Report look better, it simply didn't happen. Oh well----next week???

Stash Report: April 12 - April 18
Used this week: 5.916 yards
Purchased this week: 27.5 yards (mostly border fabrics)
Used-to-date 2010: 103.272 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 113.75 yards
Net used: -10.478 yards
{{uh-oh! Back in the red}}

Happy Sunday!


scraphappy said...

LOVE the colors on Jade's Hearts. Getting ready for the May BOM reminds me that I need to put the last two months together. I cut them all out over spring break, and then got a little sidetracked. Looks like you got plenty done today despite the frame delay. How many quilts are ready to go and waiting patiently for Tuesday?

Candace said...

Your 12 blocks together are very impressive, thanks for doing this BOM for us. I thought your book looked familiar so I checked my bookcase and I have "1001 Patchwork Designs" by Maggie Malone. It was one of my very first quilting books and only has diagrams of the blocks, not the patterns. Not sure about your hint, but is it Ohio Star? It is similar to the one in my book, but not exactly.

Quilter Kathy said...

WOW! You have made a lot of progress! Your BOM blocks look great all laid out like that!

Jackie said...

Jade's Heart is fantastic! The fabric really suits the pattern. I also enjoyed seeing all your blocks together. Nice!

Vicki said...

fab quilts shown, and $1 for that book is a great deal. I have read that book before!! How fun is that!!

Linda said...

Wow, you got alot done...I love Jade''s Heart, and Hannah's Rotation is going to be stunning!

I'm with Candace on this one. I think it's going to be an Ohio Star. I also have this book but don't find the Ohio Star I'm thinking about in the book. It's got an Ohio Star but it's one I've never seen before. Ooh, I love guessing games.

I love all the blocks laid out. They are looking good,.

Hugs, Linda