Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Another Person's Trash" giveaway: Strings

yup---perfect name!!!!

Most of my blog followers know (and idolize??) the name Bonnie K. Hunter. The woman is amazing and her Scrap User's System, Leaders-n-Enders, and all the other tips, patterns and suggestions on her Quiltville website have taken my quilting to a COMPLETE new level (back in 2008!!!!)

I made ONE string quilt {{Grandma and Me}} when my string drawer reached the point of bursting. Welllllll--it ONCE again CAN NOT BE CLOSED!!!!!! I do not foresee ANY plans for a string quilt in the future, so----who wants in??? No silly rules, just leave me a simple comment!!!

To enhance this pot, I'm throwing in these eight (8) Red, White, & Blue string blocks I pieced last year with HOPES of making a dent in my string-stash. Tscha! Didn't happen. But.....

...The blocks have been trimmed to 5.5". I sure would like to see them made into a QOV quilt!!!! But, I jes ain't gonna git it done! Okay, okay...I know I said "no silly rules", BUT....if you make an oath that you will make a QOV top out of them, I'll throw your name in FIVE TIMES for this giveaway :0)
Some of have commented that they don't know what a QOV is.....
"Quilt of Valor". A quilt for wounded American soldiers. I just realized that not all of my blog followers are Americans, but I will still stand by my nation and offer FIVE votes for the QOV oath. Alycia heads up some QOV challenges and is the person who I send all of my QOV donations to.

"One person's trash is another person's treasure"....
....if this is your treasure, let me know!

I'll draw Sunday evening. Please be sure I have a way to contact you! ;0)

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Anonymous said... love strings. I can't take an oath regarding your prettiful r/w/b blocks :( My life doesn't allow for any donation type projects right now. With work, kids and in the homestretch of my MBA, there just isn't time!

Karen said...

As I said with your crumbs give-away, I'd love to infuse my stash with some fresh strings. And, I promise if I win, I will make a QOV. I know just who to send the finished quilt to.

After the four baby quilts I need to get done this summer, all the rest of my quilting efforts are going towards charity quilts for our local transitional housing shelter. A good way to practice my FMQ. :)

Thanks so much for your generosity.

Gari said...

No, me!! I am currently working on my first string quilt and could use some different fabrics. I am making the blocks when I need some "just stitching" to do. I have made 9 blocks so far.

Janet said...

Absolutely I want in. I love scraps. Now if I knew what a QOV quilt was.... don't know so can't make any promises in that regard.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

I love Bonnie Hunter's patterns. I would love to win these strips. I don't know about the QOV quilt. I really haven't pieced much and it might take me awhile but I could probably figure it out.

arlette said...

Pick me!!!!
ps: if you explain to me how to make QOV quilt, I'm ready to take a challenge!

Terry said...

Love the string blocks! I'd be happy to make a QOV quilt from them! And thanks for the chance at the string scraps too! :0)

Lori said...

I will take your strings...and the blocks! A head start on that Alycia project...It is on my list!

Lina said...

Would love to have your strings! And the blocks would go into my next QOV. I,m currently working on one from a mystery QOV pattern.

Quilting_Chris said...

Oh, I love the strings, crumbs no not so much, I'm with you there. I really love the RW&B and vow to complete it for the QoV, I have the perfect quilt pattern to run on my Handiquilter for this type of quilt. Waving my hand enthusiastically around in the air.


knitwit said...

Love your Carolina Christmas quilt. Please count me in for the strings, I can easily make those blocks into a QOV quilt.