Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shades of Green -- clippin' right along

Why stop after finishing Hannah's Rotation???

Shades of Green has reached a flimsy stage. 82"x100". I ended up doing the boring-border layout instead of a pieced one. So be it. {{Doesn't it match my blog colors nicely???}}

And it's only 8:10 p.m. Maybe Steppin' Out will see a flimsy stage tonight too??? All I have left with it is borders...

Along the same wavelength of "shades of green,"... our indoor greenhouse is in full bloom. Watermelon, cucumbers, beans, banana peppers, some other kind of peppers, and LOADS of tomatoes all sproutin' nicely. Two weekends away from Memorial Day here in the States; therefore two weeks away from planting the outdoor garden.

Happy Saturday

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Linda said...

Oooh, I love the Shades of Green quilt. It's lovely...Your little plants look great. I already have onions and green tomatoes. My tomatoes are almost the size of a tennis ball but still green. Hmm, I love home grown tomatoes. I'm going to plant banana peppers next time too.