Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back away from the iron!

I KNOW what you're thinking......"ha, dufus Amy forgot the iron on her ironing board!"

But.....NO, I didn't leave the iron laying on my ironing board! Honest engine!

Can you see the smoke? I was quilting away, when I hear......"Tsssssssssssss"
When I looked over to the iron, I see a small waver of smoke rising and I thought..."Oh my. I guess a lady bug got too close to the iron."

Then.....a nasty-NASTY smell of burning/burnt/smoldering electrical wires hit the air.....and the iron was taking its last few breaths of life.

When I went over to check things out, I set the iron on the ironing board for a NANO-second, and that top pic was the result. I couldn't BUH-LIEVE it! I can't fathom how hot the iron must have been to have created that mark within a NANO-second!!!!!

The good news:
I had already pressed the top and bottom of the Quilts 4 Kids project that arrived in my mail today from my MIL, so I was able to quilt the entire top.
She asked me to quilt it for her. So, I have my FIRST customer quilt {{but I guess it doesn't count if it's for my MIL and I'm not getting paid for it}} ;0)

The bad news: I couldn't completely finish it because I couldn't press the binding. Therefore, tomorrow directly after school, I'm off to the store to buy a new iron.

My MIL sent another small quilt that she is gifting to her doctor, so I laid it out, decided what pantograph design to use and chose some thread. And that's all I was able to accomplish tonight without an iron :0(
{{yeah, I COULD have pieced some parts of Hannah's Rotation, but I'm saving that for Friday night and Saturday.}}

And again, I have some lovely 'surprises' on the camera's card courtesy of Candace...... LOL.....enjoy the show :0)

Happy Wednesday!


Miss 376 said...

It's surprising what appears on the camera when you're not looking. So glad you weren't using the iron at the time, a cover is easily replaced

Linda said...

Looks like you have a little camerabug! Cute pics. Sorry about the iron but at least it did it to your ironing board and not the quilt or you! It was complaining about being overworked! Your Quilt for Kids quilt looks great. Good job!

^A^ngel said...

Wow that was some hot iron!! Glad it was just your cover...

Quilts are beautiful and the pics of your lil one just precious!!

Have a good day... don't forget the new iron :P



Tracy said...

Those pictures are priceless! And if I ever get a longarm, I'm gonna call you for help!LOL! Looks like you are really 'getting it'!