Sunday, May 9, 2010

A lazy Saturday leading to a motivated Sunday!

I finished quilting my MIL's quilt yesterday, and .... well.... that was about it! I was pooped and really wasn't in the mood to quilt :0( Cassie had a friend over, and I spent much of my day relaxing on the couch, watching them play the Wii and .... just vegging!

So......ummmm.....Hannah's Rotation????

Have no fear!!!
I sewed and sewed and sewed today with motivation!!!!

NOT ONLY did the blocks and top get finished today, I also pieced a backing (not a simple solid, either). A pic will have to wait until later....because....

it's already on the frame with a few paths quilted. I'm using a jewel-toned variegated thread and one of my pantos from Cheryl Barnes' Quilting Dot-to-Dot book. I'm not sure I'm sold on it yet (the pattern and thread choice), but I'm sure once it's off the frame, washed and on the wall, it'll be just fine.

GOSH! I'm so happy to have that monkey off my back! :0) {{almost}}

OH! Yeah! I need to post my Stash Report, but I'm too comfy and lazy to head back downstairs to get my lil' notebook. It'll need to wait until tomorrow.

Happy Sunday!

After-post comment
CRAP! Crap-crap!
Look at Hannah's Rotation with a 'relaxed eye'.....

you see those blasted yellow/black HSTs????????????? UGH!!!!!!!!! They're kiddy-wompas! And I'm NOT about to take the quilt off the frame to fix 'em...



Chl said...

If its the one that I see, there is one just like it on the other half. It looks planned! It adds character!

Very nice anyways. And your quilting is lookin good!

scraphappy said...

What a relief to have Hannah's rotation almost crossed off of the list. The blue quilt is looking so petty. It is amazing how good your quilting is looking after such a short time.

Joan said...

Love the quilting - you are surely getting heaps of things donw.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, love the colours of your MIL's quilt....finally catching up with the BOM...May cut and ready to stitch..Warm Regards, Lyn

Tracy said...

Well, the black/yellow HST's look like they're supposed to be that way! They look intentional!
Good job on everything!

Linda said...

Only you will be able to see your kiddy-wompas--HSts! No one will notice unless you point them out. The colors and quilting on your MIL's quilt is beautiful!

Alycia said...

Boy I sure had to search to see what you were talking about - but I think it is perfect! I can not believe you made that from a drawing!! You are awesome!!