Saturday, May 1, 2010

Deer Camp quilted; American Classic started....

The quilting room was humming at 7:00 a.m. My littlest alarm clock dragged me out of bed at 6:15 since she was ready for breakfast. I guess there is something to be said about those internal clocks... (YET, this is the one who drags her feet on a typical morning). Hmpf....never fails!

But that's okay---
I finished putting borders on American Classic and then pieced a backing and cut batting. By the time I finished up those steps, it was time for a mid-morning breakfast and then a shopping spree for that brown thread I ran out of last night (the spree also brought home seeds, potting soil and a few other supplies for starting some tomato, pepper and watermelon plants. That project awaits tomorrow morning).

Deer Camp quilting was more time-consuming than Leapin' Lizards. a) it's larger. b) I didn't do an overall panto pattern.

Border treatments used this little design. Also, I wasn't sure about how to do the side borders; I THINK I read somewhere that ladies i) finish up the quilting everywhere else, ii) remove the quilt from the frame, then iii) reload quilt in opposite direction to finish side borders. Well---that's was I did and it worked.

The inner panel was quilted with a panto. They are SO much nicer to follow when first starting out on the frame rather than just doing free-hand.

Binding awaits yet, and that may be what I'll work on when I head back downstairs.

American Classic was loaded around 3:00, and I have a bit more than half finished, but my back is letting me know that I've been quilting most of the afternoon. I find that my frame is a bit too low for me; I wouldn't mind having it a bit taller. Considering how short I am (5'4" on a good day), I wonder how taller ladies manage on this frame.

We just had some "Brupper" {{Cassie's term for breakfast at supper time}}. Scrambled eggs for some; eggs-over-easy for others; toast-n-jelly....

And just a bit ago, I kicked DH off the computer for an hour so I could update. It's almost 7:00 and I hope to have a couple more hours of work to show before the night is over.

Happy Saturday.


scraphappy said...

Glad to see you are getting lots done. I'm practicing my first panto right now, though it's not on a "real" quilt yet. Would those bed risers work to raise up the frame? You know, the kind that they sell to college students so they can store more stuff under the bed. Ironically, we had "brupper" tonight as well, though we just call it breakfast for dinner. Eggs made to order, sunny side up, over easy and scrambled along with bacon and pancakes, it is a favorite around here.

Linda said...

Deer Camp looks great! I like what you did in the borders. Isn't this the same quilt you took apart a while back to redo? You are doing good girl...keep it up.

I tried the riser things for my cutting table and I didn't like them. They were too big at the bottom and made my table sit too far away from the wall. I don't know what kind of legs are on your frame...if it's metal, my friend used PVC pipe and made some risers for hers. My husband added some wooden legs to the bottom of my cutting table for me. We bought these at Home Depot for a small price. Here's a link for you to check works great. They don't look very pretty but they work.

Cornfield Quilter said...

Great job on your quilt! Don't you love the machine quilting? Such gratification in a short time and the knowledge that you did it yourself. Have fun with it, you will have all your quilts quilted in no time!
I have a stack I still haven't been able to do and last night I found about 5 more quilts. Once I get the one done in my machine then it will be a marathon to get all mine done. Have a great Sunday!!

Lori said...

Much easier right? (Not fighting gravity anymore)

Thanks for the "heads-up" about CrazyMom! I missed her.

Patchwork Penguin said...

You are doing a great job!!! I'll slip in a couple of quilt tops... I am sure you won't notice :o)

Have fun!


Tracy said...

Love that Deer Camp're an inspiration, you get so much done!