Monday, May 24, 2010

Two Mysteries and a Challenge!

I know some of you like Mystery Quilts, so I thought I'd pass on some mysteries and challenges that I have come across in the past couple of days.....

One is a by Nancy who heads up the QOV QuiltMystery Yahool group: QOV Mystery. If you decide to join, check out the FILES section; all files are linked in the Mystery 22 CLUES folder :0) I think I'll be jumping on board. It's a fast moving mystery; one clue every week. If you can't keep up, be sure to print out the clues because the clues are removed shortly after the reveal!

Another is being organized by Judy @ Patchworktimes. Well, first, let me inform you that she has TWO irons in the fire for us right now-------she is giving steps every day this week leading into a Memorial Day Challenge quilt, hoping to bring in some QOV donations.
She is also organizing a June Mystery. (Link takes you to the overall mystery information). She has already posted Fabric Requirements and Cutting Instructions.
Take a look at her right side-bar; she has her "June Mystery" and "Memorial Day Challenge" information listed nicely as links.

I may just have to print out instructions right now for all of these and then skip into high gear once school is out!!! Two more weeks....


scraphappy said...

Two more weeks. Yay! Nothing compares to a Bonnie Hunter mystery, but I'm tempted to jump on now that summer is finally here.

Lori said...

Here is another good mystery sight.

You have all summer<>