Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rainy Saturday; plans deterred

Well, the morning was BEAUTIFUL.  Paul and I woke up around 5:30, enjoyed some coffee, and were able to weed our strawberry patches after a little bite of breakfast, BUT, with all the rain last night, it was simply too wet to till up the garden patches.

Instead, shortly after 9:00, we headed out to shop for some last minute plants and seeds we want for the garden.

And sadly, by the time we got home and ate some lunch, the predicted afternoon rains were hitting. gardening.

Therefore, my day was spent watching the Live-streaming of the WIAA State Track-n-Field meet, cheering our athletes on from afar.

It's a lazy, lazy, LAZY day!!!
Candace napping with Chuck at the foot of the couch.  We are dog-sitting Chuck for one of our State track athletes :)  He's a TOTAL "princess" dog.  LOL.  
Paul headed out fishing, and the two older girls actually joined in with him on this dreary day.

You'd think I'd put some quilting time in, but....
it's actually kind of nice to just sit and relax with my feet up.  Although, I just came in from taking Chuck for a quick outside potty-trip, and gathered up the mail at the same time.  Lo-n-behold, the newest Quiltmaker arrived; naturally, I turned opened to Part 3 of Bonnie's Lazy Sunday mystery :D


scraphappy said...

Glad you were able to cheer on your Laker girls! So exciting to make it to the state championship! Sunday sounds like the perfect day to work on Bonnie's mystery.

Andee said...

WOWZA on that fish! Sorry about the is darn hot here!