Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celtic Solstice - Step 4 done (for now)

Christmas break is officially upon us.  And the stress free schedule today was WONDERFUL!!!
I woke at 4:30AM, but wasn't quite ready to roll out of bed, yet.  The next thing I knew....7:19!!!  Wow.  That's the latest I've slept in awhile.  
So, coffee brewed and Bonnie's blog checked.... I headed downstairs by 8:00.
And by the end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I was finished with step 4.

HOWEVER, due to a Christmas present that Paul and I bought ourselves, I will be spending time over break going back to each clue and will be GOING BIG.  
Paul and I spent some cash on a much needed new mattress and boxspring for our bed;  delivery is expected January 7.  This mattress/boxspring combo is much thicker than our current bed, so I'm thinking Roll Roll Cottonboll simply won't cut it anymore.

This afternoon, I tackled the catch-up on Clue #1.  Ninety-two orange units increased to 140;  96 neutral units increased to TWO-HUNDRED FORTY!  Wowsers.  I didn't realize "going big" was going to require MORE than twice the amount of the small version!  LOL.

And step #2 CLEARLY shows that this King size version requires more than twice the amount of units as the small version.  Two-hundred green rectangles increased to FOUR HUNDRED EIGHTY-EIGHT.  Yah, uh..... that's where I stopped for the night!  Poopered out after nearly 12 hours of being in front of the machine.  

We have NO travel plans ahead of us;  this will be the first Christmas that we spend it entirely at our OWN house.  Paul's sister and husband will be making the trip up to us for a visit on Monday, and his parents plan to visit on the day after Christmas.  We don't have any plans as of yet;  we will play our schedule by ear.  Paul works the next couple of nights, but has off of his shift on Christmas Eve for four days.  There may be some sledding, there may be some skiing, there may be some ice skating.  **shrug**.  
BUT, tomorrow.....there WILL be more quilting.

Our family has officially graduated the Primary School Christmas program.  So sad that we will no longer hear some of the annual songs of little voices...."Penguin Polka,"  "S-A-N-T-A" (to the tune of B-I-N-G-O)....
"Christmas makes me sing ... La-la-la-la..." 
"Christmas makes me laugh... ha-ha-ha-ha..."
{{confetti from previous song...}}
"Christmas makes me smile, see my pearly whites..." 
"Christmas makes me sing...Yah!"
 Happy Saturday everyone.


Amanda said...

Wow, you're really going to need a lot of distraction music and films to get through all of those quilt units. Will it fit on your quilt frame, or will you need to quilt it in bits?

Deb A said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing break from school. Love your little one in her Christmas program. Enjoy your sewing.... I hope to get back on the mystery wagon soon but have something that needs to get done first.

Carol Stearns said...

I would love to make the king version as well but I'm only half way through clue # 2 on the smaller version and haven't even thunk about the other 3 clues. Its Christmas for Pete's sake. And the other thing is, if I spend time on that quilt, I wont' be able to do anything else and there are presents to wrap and one last party. Oh, well. We have until March is it?

Candace said...

I may be redoing step 2 as I have my chevrons upside down, but now I'll spur myself on with, "If amy can do 488, I can do 400.". I'm waiting for the reveal though, to see if I like it ok as is. I know I can rip out the middle seams and flip them, but that seems like 'more' work, and I can use the wrong ones on the back or in the border, or make another quilt. Oh, the possibilities, maybe I should just go ahead and make more now. Anyway, yours look great, and the little faces were a treat.

Andee said...

I have been watching Kathy try to keep up with the monster size quilt while I just enjoy the "smaller" one, so I can sure feel your pain! She is on the hst's and is hoping to at least be on clue four before five comes out! This time of year is so busy that it is even harder than usual to keep Stay warm, all that snow at Lambeau made me happy to be in AZ!

nina fousifisa said...

Sweet and lovely:)

Kevin the Quilter said...

I would say that's a pretty perfect day in your quilting room! I love to hear the sounds of the season as well! I just can't believe they are here and will be over with in a few days! Merry Christmas to you and yours!