Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Christmas Goose snow day

Yes, folks.  One perk about being a teacher, living in Northern Wisconsin in winter... we USUALLY get at least one snow day in any given year.  Usually, but not always.  Today... we have one.

Christmas Goose saw LOTS of progress on Sunday.  The sashing strips and cornerstone pinwheels were all pieced.  It's such a classic block quilt, but with a perfect, fun amount of scappiness involved.  All of the blocks were pieced from men's shirts;  the sashing was part shirt (the lighter outsides) and part stash (the middle dark green).  

So, speaking of shirts...
... I did some tidying of one corner of my sewing room to start out the day on Sunday.  OMGoodness!  The goodies that were stashed in plastic bags!  I had no idea.  My mother (I think!?) had picked up these shirts from garage sales or Goodwill;  I kinda recall her giving them to me last year some time.  They were in a bag, and simply tossed in the corner;  no time at the time to invest into working with them.  The smallest size:  2X!  100% cotton!
The dark navy blue one stood out!

I had been WAITING for the right blue to be added to this pile for a someday-to-be-made QOV quilt.  It's PERFECT!  
But I resisted.  I didn't need to find the perfect pattern to work with these fabrics at that moment.   All in due time.  They'll just sit together on the shelf, getting to know one another, until the time is right.

Oh.... what to do on a "free" unplanned snow day!??!?!?
So many choices....

I have a feeling part of the day will be setting up our first "real" tree that we've ever had.  
Our first "real" Christmas tree has been chosen :) 
I can't WAIT to have the real-tree smell filling up the house!!!!!!!

My own Paul Bunyan cutting down our tree :)

I will avoid double-NO people at best I can!



scraphappy said...

So happy to hear that you have snow day! What fun. I have made a snow day of my own by calling in sick and am headed to the sewing room now. Glad to know you will be sewing as well.

Andee said...

Whoot WHoot on the snow day! I am envious, well sort of! We have rain and it is 54 degrees here at the moment...perfect kind of winter for me. The sun will be shining in no time at all! Happy sewing!

Kevin the Quilter said...

I definitely know how teachers love their snow days.....I just hope you don't accumulate so many that they will make you have to go into your summer vacation!

Amanda said...

Snow's great for the first day or so, but after that it all gets a bit annoying. I shall have to be extra careful this year, having broken my wrist falling on ice back in January. Have a fun day.