Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 - at home

This is the first year since we've been married that Paul and I decided to stay at HOME for the holiday season/break.  His sister and BIL visited me and the girls on Monday, and it was just right.  It got me out of my PJs for the day, at least :)

Santa brought some great family gifts for us this year!  The day's hit seemed to be the travel Ping Pong set up.  Our table made for an interesting "short-game" strategy, but... it was still fun!

My Hancock purchase the other day CERTAINLY was minimized from what I originally had in my cart.  It arrived in time to be my Christmas present under the tree.

Holiday break has us staying up late watching movies...

... and sleeping on the couch (with glasses on!)...

I love seeing all of the quilts and afghans in use.  At least these hobbies pay off in that fashion :)

The weather around here has been wintery;  it's been snowing a bit just about everyday since we've been on break.  As long as I can stay inside, I'm perfectly fine with all of this snow.
However, this pour soul wasn't faring too well the other morning.  The plow hadn't come through yet; I heard it (which is what woke me up...).  When I peeked out the kitchen window, this was the scene...
After about 25 minutes, and with the use of my neighbor's big tractor (whose farm you see in the background), he was back on his way; hopefully with a bit more luck to his morning drive.

With the winter weather keeping me inside, I researched and practiced a new crochet method: filet crochet.  I REALLY wanted some white or cream crochet thread, but... I wasn't about to head out in the snow, so... I settled with some thread I had here from my "surprise box" that was found a few week's back.  The size ended up being perfect for a couch pillow.  AND, I only made one little mistake.... can you find it?

SO, braving the roads (AND STORES!), Cassie and I headed out yesterday morning to get some groceries, AND a slight detour into Shopko for some crochet thread.
It's SO much fun learning something new!  AND... my family members benefit :)  This will be gifted to my parents DESPITE the mistake.  Can you find this one too?

SOMEDAY, wouldn't this be an amazing accomplishment to add to the list?!?!?!

It's so sad that there simply is NOT enough time to create every project that rambles on through our minds, right?!?!!?  

Christmas is almost over, and our family celebrated with a more "us" Christmas meal.  Baked fish, fried fish, homemade chicken strips, homemade fries, Buffalo wings...  Everything either from our garden, our animal pens, or our fishing hooks :)  Yuppers!  Definitely a meal we enjoy :)

I am expecting Paul's parents sometime tomorrow.  Paul, sadly, has been signed up for overtime at his job, so... it'll just be me and the girls.  And I have NOTHING planned. The day will simply take me where it takes me :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Wednesday :)


Andee said...

While it is nice to go somewhere for the holidays, it is always nice to stay home too! I too love seeing all the quilts and afaghans in can use them with all that snow! Your new crochet! I am still patting myself on the back for figuring out the!

soscrappy said...

Enjoy your Christmas at home! Looks like everyone is enjoying some good old fashioned family fun. Hope you can stay inside where it is warm as much as possible!

Kevin the Quilter said...

Merry Christmas to your wonderful family! I love the fact that you had a Christmas meal from items you harvested yourselves! I wish everyone had that opportunity! Looks like your kiddos are enjoying your family time!

Amanda said...

It looks as if you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a lovely day, even though Number One Son couldn't make it. We did see him briefly onChristmas Eve before he set off for the day's two performances of the pantomime he's working on and on Boxing Day briefly after the two performances, so better than nothing. Nope, can't spot any mistakes unless there's a 'design decision' in the bottom border of the first one. It's great to learn new things isn't it, this year I'm doing a quilt design course.