Sunday, December 15, 2013

Crafty Sunday [Celtic Solstice] & others

Okay..... pinks and oranges together.
Know what??? 
I have COMPLETE faith that this will work out ;)

I haven't tackled any additional units yet to "go big"... 
I'll wait and see... and may just tackle units for the King size pattern over Christmas break coming up.

The day was filled with one craft or another.
While I was downstairs working on Celtic Solstice units, the girls were upstairs at the table.

Painting ornaments...

... and making gingerbread houses.

I made my way upstairs eventually after prepping some more towels for crochet-tops.

And tonight, I'll either continue working on those towels, or continue hooking on this scrappy Ribbons Afghan.  I haven't been crocheting long, but I already have some scraps going, so... my first scrappy afghan is underway :)

Happy Sunday everyone.
ONE MORE WEEK before a little break from the mental exhaustion.  Whew.


JB said...

The Ribbons Afghan looks cool. Can't wait to see it in person. Enjoy your break when it comes. See you in a few weeks.

Kevin the Quilter said...

What festive fun at your house this weekend! Your color schemes are always fantastic Amy! Who know the crocheting world had scraps too!?!?!?!?

Amanda said...

It's always a great moment when the children are occupied, quiet, happy and above all, getting on together isn't it! If only there were more moments like that.

Carol Stearns said...

How are you so caught up on Celtic Solstice? I barely have started working on the green ones in part 2 and now you've got all three done. Not fair! Not sure I even like it but I'm persevering. Do the directions call for pink and orange or can we do something else? I need to do burgundy and orange. And get more orange I think. THis is really a good way to clean out a stash!