Thursday, December 5, 2013

Poor judge of size

It did NOT look that big on the lot.  REALLY!  I swear it grew from the time we cut it down to the time we brought it in the house. 
"Stretch" had to help me out when it came time to put the lights on the upper part of the tree, and for placing the star on the top.  But, it ended up being too much for Go-Go-Gadget-Girl as well....
... so "Super Stretch" came to the rescue!

And then the camera got into the hands of Candace as Dad helped me hang other decorations...

In the end, we made it all work.  We pushed the tree as far as we could towards the wall, and did a little rearranging of TV, couches, and shelves....

The TV is usually only background noise for me anyway :)

AND, while sifting through boxes of what I THOUGHT were extra ornaments, I hit the jackpot! :)  My mother had given me this box at one time or another, and it simply was set aside.   

Once everything settled down for the night, I grabbed one of the yarns and started a new scarf.  I added a single strand of DMC gold thread as well to add some sparkle.  The pattern says it's a "quick" project, but I beg to differ.  It's a 4-row repeat, so I need to keep referring back to the pattern, slowing me down :(

Of course, I also spent some time with a new quilting project as well!  The "real" tree is need of a tree skirt.  After searching for about an hour, I settled on this one:  Christmas Tree Skirt pattern.  
I don't have the 9-degree wedge ruler as used in the pattern, NOR am I using 5" charms;  many of my fabrics had already been cut into 4.5" squares, so that's the size I'm using.  I'm sure that my math knowledge won't fail me once I get to the point of needing to cut wedges :)  {{But wish me luck all the same}}  ;)

Despite having to drive to school LITERALLLLLY on ice-rink roads this morning, our school was in-session rather than have another snow day issued.   I didn't hear about any accidents, so thankfully the students (and staff) took their time.  There WERE a decent amount of absentees, however, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were due to the weather.

Happy Thursday!


Kevin the Quilter said...

That tree skirt pattern is something I would LOVE to make! When the time is right, I probably will. Have fun, and be careful with this weather up there!

Amanda said...

Your tree looks wonderful and far better too big than too small. I made a tree skirt when we first moved to Somerset, but it's only been used on the floor once. When we first had Ruby we bought a small rooted tree, which is still alive in its pot in the garden so has been brought in each year and the tree skirt is used on a table instead. I'd love to have a bigger tree, but ours will steadily grow I imagine.

soscrappy said...

Your tree is so festive! The skirt will look great! I hope it gets done in time.

Lori L said...

Amy, you can print a paper ruler off of Hancock Fabrics website. Look under the quilts tab for Poppies. I have used this before and just checked and it is still there. Hope I am not to late to help you out.