Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Caitlyn's Lemon Energy yogurt soap [CP Soap]

The craze of soap-making has spread to daughter #2.  Caitlyn had been eyeing up the stash of yogurts in the fridge, and hinted (heavily) about a soap made from lemon-chiffon yogurt.
Who was *I* to say no????

Using, I kept the recipe small and simple!  
Also, towards the end, we swapped out the Lavender essential oil for "Energy" essential oil.

Prepping the yogurt/water mixture, she learned how to tare out a scale and how to toggle between pounds/ounces to grams.  All measurements were performed in grams.  This was an EXCELLENT opportunity to have a mathematical conversation about "precision measurement" (after all, 'precision' is one of the mathematical process standards) ;)

A VERY thin pouring was placed into ice cube trays;  she shares my (lack of) patience.  The thin pours should freeze quickly!  She was mixing as dinner was being prepared;  and we had all intensions of making up the soap after dinner, however... it just didn't happen. *shrug*

Directly after summer school the next day, we got to work!  She was allowed to mix the oils and measure out the fragrance, however I handled all of the mixing involving the lye.  Even still, she protected her eyes with the stylish sunglasses (since I was wearing the safety goggles), and wore a long-sleeved shirt.

Cassie and I had spent an hour or so shopping at St. Vincent's and at the dollar store earlier in the day.  We scored on a few items!

This lil' container seemed ideal to use as a soap mold (for only $0.65!).
Now that we've unmolded though... it wasn't such a huge hit afterall.  Perhaps I'll give it one more try and wait another 12-24 hours before unmolding?  It's rigid, and after some coaxing and prying, the soap released, leaving soap in the small indentations :(

Another score Cassie and I found was this little purple silicone baking mold -- $1.00.  It's a bit flimsy, but one of those drawer space-savers worked perfectly as a reinforcement.  
Little sister, Candace wanted to be part of the action as well, grabbed a couple of toothpicks in order to add some texture to the top.

This little batch is a great size to try out future sample additives and fragrances;  super simple with only two oils.  Will be saved for sure.   


JB said...

I love seeing the whole family getting involved in your new adventure!

Judy D in WA said...

How exciting is it at your house!!! I love that the girls are involved in the newest hobby. Can't wait to see what's next. :)

gayle said...

This is really fun to watch!
(Though I'm trying to imagine what 'energy' smells like...)