Friday, June 12, 2015

Even more temptation for a mini-baler

The morning's agenda was simple:  finish up Jamestown Landing by sewing on the binding and making/attaching the label.

Good progress was being made;  the label was underway on the embroidery machine while I was cutting and preparing the binding.
Around 10:30, as the final length of binding was being pressed, Cassie came down saying something about the mower's battery, this-that-r'the other.

The mower had been acting up after taking it out of winter storage this Spring, so it wouldn't have surprised me if it was down for the count.  

However, after getting the girls working on some hand raking, I simply filled up the tank and v'iola.  LOL.  Goofball Cass!  With all hands on deck, we started making quick (?) work of the yard...
raking some rows that I could pick up with the tractor, and Cassie continued 'sweeping' the yard.

At one point, these pics were shared on FB with a request out to a former student of mine to come and bale up my yard! 

It's times like these that a mini-baler is certainly tempting.  LOOK at these adorable lil' bales!  I could see these being perfect for small hobby farms of goats, sheep, horses, ...

But for now, much of the grass was either dumped into a pile for later use or started filling in as mulch between the potato plants.

Five hours logged.  Three rows done, 6 more to go.  But for now, it's hot.  And time to relax.


scraphappy said...

Ah, the crazy days of summer! So glad to hear that you are finally done for a few months at least. Looks like the farm is going to keep you busy for a while. Loved seeing Jamestown Landing -- what a great quilt! So, next on the list? Looking forward to seeing what you can get done before school starts again.

katie z. said...

I'd love that mini baler too. Ah, dreams!

Andee said...

What great helpers! Make hay while the sun shines!