Friday, June 12, 2015

Jamestown Landing and the property

Summer 2015-16 quilting has finally been kicked off!  With a day of Hans Zimmer movie soundtracks, Jamestown Landing was quilted.  

I can't even remember anymore when I started this or when the top was completed.  Sad, sad, sad that I've become "one of those quilters" who has been around the block long enough to have a pile of UFOs percolating (and dying?) off in the corner.  LOL.
One at a time though.  One at a time.
Jamestown Landing ended up coming to the forefront since it will be a raffle quilt for a friend of the family.  The raffle kickoff will happen during a 4th of July celebration;  therefore, the binding will be completed today and (hopefully) we'll venture up to deliver the quilt to its destination this weekend.

Life around the yard is in full swing...

The ducklings are over a month old now;  only one has been officially named so far.   Meet Afro-Jack!!!! LOL

Only one pig of the six has been named this year;  Smudge.  Candace was out treating them to some Daisy treats;  what a beautiful moment!!!
A new, simple-n-portable, coop is being made for our ever-expanding flocks.  

After all, if you've got 'em, ya hatch 'em, right???  ;)

Our younger tomato plants couldn't wait much longer;  they were itching to be planted!

Although, when this visitor was seen, the planting endeavor was ALMOST halted for the day!
However, hero Paul came to escort this guy (or girl?) to a new location, and we were back to the planting!   
In the end, SEVENTY-THREE tomato plants are happily growing in the upper garden.  SEVENTY-THREE!  LOL.  Way to hold back this year, Amy :D

And TRUUUULY, I'm not one to do much 'gardening' unless vegetables are involved.  Pretty flower/shrub gardens aren't my thing----but.... THIS has become an eye-sore after spending ZERO time on it last year.  Plus... it's in the middle of the front yard!  What must the neighbors think?!?!?  (LOL!)

A few hours and sunburn later, with the assistance of my helpers Caitlyn and Candace, it is all clean and new again.   I had started some perennials (per Paul's request) back in February, so they were moved into this location. 

We have Achillea planted in the southern portion... 

Some Black-Eyed Susans and HolyHocks towards the west...

A plot of McKana Giants Columbine planted from seed on the northern edge.  *shrug* We'll see what they do...

and a section of Lupines towards the east.
Again, I'm not much of a perennial flowery/shrub gardener, so..... *shrug*.  At least the weeds have been tamed :D

On the topic of taming.....
Caitlyn has reached the age (crazy enough!) to learn how to mow with the riding law-mower.  We were in a win-win situation with her the other day.  She had fun learning AND our 'hay-field' was able to be mowed at the slower pace required due to the extra length!

Then sister Cassie took over with the yard-rake.  Right about now, having that mini-baler Paul and I talked about last year would be pretty nice.  I'm sure we'd be able to bale up quite a bit!!!!!  Cass seems to be enjoying her time on the mower, though, singing along with her iPod tunes.


JB said...

Thanks for all the updates. I love catching up with what is happening at The Skattebos.

Deb A said...

Wow! You have a huge plot of land. 73 tomato's! I see lots of canning in your future.