Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Free ride

Of all the times we've had baby chicks, I've never once seen them ride on the back of mama.  

AND, we've never had GRAY chicks before!  We have four or five of these adorable lil' guys in the brooder.  I'm very curious to see how they develop from the gray fluffy stage they are at right now.

The garden is almost 100% planted;  onions and garlic remain.  The weather outlook this week is amazing;  lows never dropping below 50.  I'm hopeful for this gardening season :)

Candace's 3/4 grade SB team (2nd from right)
The summer schedule is underway;  Monday and Wednesday evenings filled with 3/4 grade and 5/6 grade softball;  Summer school starting next week;  Gardening filling most free time right now.  
This morning, however, after dropping Cass off for some weight-training, I'll spend a couple hours or so in my room writing some lessons for the 2015-16 AP-Statistics class.

Then?  Finish the garden planting.  MAYBE spend some time quilting.  Although, I'm keeping my options open today since our Baseball team is playing in the Sectional tournament at 11:00.  I'm thinking, if I hear they win, we'll make the hour trip down to the ball field to watch the 3:00 finals :D


JB said...

LOVE the chicky-back riding. I didn't realize you had never had gray chicks before either. Please keep me posted on what they look like as they grow. We had to take ours back to the farm so I won't get to see how it grows. It was so stinkin' cute!

Fun, fun, fun will be had by all the Skattebos this summer again - sports, summer school, and gardening!

Andee said...

Those chickies are just too cute! I know summer is going to keep you busy with activities for the kids, gardening and maybe quilting! I remember all that running...so nice for the kids to have all those fantastic memories and experiences!