Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Catchin' up; quilting completions, etc...

WOW! Has it realllly been a week?
Get ready for a long post :0)

I headed to Mom's last Thursday after picking the girls up from summer school. I WAS able to put the three pieces together for Cathy's Aunt Sukey AND put on the borders---yeah! So, I packed that up in order to get some hand-whip-stitching done on the strips that put the three pieces together. I didn't get too far; so it's sitting next to my glider-rocker and is my "upstairs project" when needed.

DH Paul came home early on Thursday because he was rained out, so he grabbed some lunch and then headed outside to get some much-needed "home projects" done.

I arrived at Mom's around 5:00 and didn't really do too much that evening. My sister, Jen, decided to come "home" Thursday night too, so she arrived around 7:00. She doesn't have any children of her own, so she meets me at Mom's quite often to have a chance to spoil my girls. She lives about 5 hours away from me and Mom's house is SMACK-DAB in the middle of us, so it works out nicely!

Friday ended up being a really nice, warm (HOT and HUMID) day, so Jen and I set up "grandma's" new swimming pool for the girls. (one of those quick and easy fill ones----just the right size for the girls; Caitlyn and Candace needed to wear life jackets, though!) And, of course, Grandma needed to supply the pool with plennnnnnty of "floaties." Thank goodness Grandpa has an air compressor!!! That's me placing Caitlyn into the pool. *chuckle* The water was so cold, and the pool was in the shade, so almost immediately after placing her into the pool, she was clawing at me to lift her back out!!

And naturally, a sprinkler also needed to be set up. It was quite a fun day!!! (That's Jen running through the sprinkler with Cassie,....or is that Catilyn???) I really can't tell which one it is under that innertube.....

Friday evening, we all went to the local ice cream parlor/restaurant and had the best darned Fish Fry around! EXCELLENT fish! (Even if it's not all that healthy being fried!) And what would a trip to "Melody Gardens" be without investing in some ice cream!?!?

Afterwards, Jen and I headed to Walmart and Hancock Fabrics. OH DEAR!!! At first, I wasn't figuring on going into Hancock, but the entire front the store was plastered with 1/2 off sale banners. Ummmm........can you say EXCELLENT ADVERTISING??? *chuckle* What a sale!!!! I walked away with about 30 yards of fabric!!!!--mostly flannels. Each yard ended up being between $2.50 and $3.00. I don't have a picture of the fabric, but most of it is "baby fabrics" with intentions of making small rag quilts. In fact, here is a shot of one that I whipped out on Monday in about 4 hours using fabric that was donated to me by Mom's church. Oh! That brings me into Saturday morning.....

........but before I jump into that, I do want to say that the rag quilt was inspired by Peg at HappyInQuilting. She had an adorable pink rag quilt posted last week and she was right---these little buggars DO come together quickly when you sit and sew!!!

Okay, back to Saturday......After a 7 mile run with my sister (well, she did 4 and I went out for an extra 3), Mom took me up to church. The fire/safety inspector gave them a "not-so-good" evaluation when he checked out their storage room/electrical room. That is where the church stores all their donated materials for quilting, BUT no one has been quilting over the past THREE YEARS! So, Mom told the secretary she thought of giving it to her daughter (me), and she (secretary) didn't bat an eye. So....SIX BOXES and bags of fabric, batting, and the works!!! Not all the fabric is material I want to use; some is really stretchy polyester-like, some courderoy, and other types of fabric that I don't even know what it is. BUT---regardless, I have made a personal goal that for each box that was given to me, I would make a charity quilt to give back to the church for whatever they wanted to use it for. So, that means 6 quilts is my goal to give back to the church. This baby-boy rag quilt is the first. The story behind it; I started going through the smallest box that was given to me, and all these flannels were mixed in it. I wasn't sure if the red-stripe was going to be a fit, but it ended up just fine, I guess.

So....5 more to go (before the end of the year???)

So, Sunday rolled around; church in the morning; the "big" Sunday breakfast just like when growing up, and I planned to hit the road back home by 1:00. While cleaning up the toys (how DO they make such a mess in such a short time?!?!?), I noticed this little relic up on one of the shelves. I knew mom had started this quilt quite a while back, and after further inspection at home, I realized she probably started in back in 2005. Anyway, last Thanksgiving when I was at Mom's, I helped her put quite a few rows together just to get her motivated to finish it up. By the time I left that weekend, we had all the rows completed and allllll she had to do was finish sewing all the rows together and then handing the top over to one of her "quilting" congregation members (Oh, Mom is a "Pastor's Associate"---kind of like the right-hand-man of the pastor). Anyway, I noticed rather quickly that she hadn't done any more work on in, so I stashed it in my bag. My goal is to finish this by Friday when she and Nub (step-dad) are coming up to pick up the girls for two weeks. I have it in three parts this exact size, naturally, quilting it in parts. I have decided to use a cross graphic as the quilting in the verticle sashings (you may be able to see the stencil in the close up shot.) I have two sections completely quilted, and the third will be finished up today. I know she'll be more than surprised to see it finished. This is my way of saying Thank You to her for taking the girls for two weeks while I have classes to take (ICK!). But I'm sure she really doesn't mind having time with the grandkids.

When we got home on Sunday, Paul surprised us with 13 more little chicks. These are Cornish Hens (sp?), and are being raised (clearly) for their meat.
Gosh--Cassie looks devilish in this picture!!!!! *evil snicker*

I typically don't take a lot of "nature" pictures, but while eating breakfast with the girls this morning, I couldn't miss these clouds rolling in. Boy, the sky turned black/darkblue in a hurry! Thankfully, most of the bad weather headed just south of the house and we were only hit with a little rain.

To wrap up, Candace found her potty chair downstairs last week. Yeah---the first sign that the diapers are almost gone!!!!!! Of course, she really wasn't interested in "going" on the potty, but she sure loved ripping the toilet paper (and more toilet paper, and even more paper yet) off the roll.


Amanda said...

What a great time you had. I used to love going to visit my mother when my boys were small - she used to spoil us all and it was great to have someone 'looking after' me for a change! Good to see you back. And busy as ever of course.

scraphappy said...

Welcome back! I wondered what you had been up to. Quite a bit it seems:) I love the flannel quilt, and the fact that you whipped it up in four hours! I know you'll be busy with your class, but I'm guessing without the girls to look after, you'll get in quite a bit of sewing time.
Candace is adorable on the potty, it won't be long now until you can walk out the door without worrying about a diaper bag. It's actually kind of weird to carry a normal purse around again. It is so nice to to have to spend the money on diapers.