Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I saved a dollar & QUIET house......

Hey.....wait.......shhhhhhhhhhhh............you hear that?????

ME EITHER! It's silent! No #1 being bossy; no #2 whining; no #3 tattling on the other two.........I'm FREEEEEEE----------
Grandma and Grandpa left at 11:00 on Sunday for a 2-week "journey" with them....*giggle*
Now naturally I will MISS them dearly, BUT I am enjoying some selfish "me" time! I do have a funny story about "Scolding Grandma," but I only have a few minutes this morning, so I'll save that for a later post......

My Math Grant class started yesterday and I arrived back to the school's bus garage around 4:30. Short story here......Sunday night, Paul asked to use my car for Monday. He dropped me off at the bus garage yesterday morning (there are 4 of us taking this class, so we are driving the school's van every day.) However, Tthis meant I would have no ride back home from the garage at the end of the day. However, he suggested (jokingly, as a last resort) if I could simply run home.......my response to that: BRILLIANT! He thought my reaction was sarcastic, but I was being serious! It's only 5 miles and since I hadn't run on Saturday NOR Sunday, it was perfect. So after running home and cooling down with a quick shower, I headed downstairs (WHERE ELSE?!?!?) I know the title of this post says I saved a dollar, but that story will have to wait until tonight....related to this run home!! :0)

I really didn't have a set project in mind, either. I had finished the OC Saturday, and had started auditioning backings for Andrea's Garden (AG), hoping to knock that one of my list! I went downstairs, looked around, and found pieces of 2 more Oklahoma Backroads (OB) blocks that I had started, but set aside once I started Cathy's Aunt Sukey. So, I pieced them together----and then feeling inspired to finish piecing OB, I needed space on my carpet, which was currently housing Andrea's Garden and the backing. So.......I took a quick "time-out" to snip, cut, and piece the AG backing. And naturally, once the backing was pieced and ironed, it made NO SENSE to fold it back up only to get wrinkled again.......Upstairs I went to tape it down on the living room floor. Back down I went to grab some batting......having no large pieces anymore, I spent the next 30 minutes arranging "left-overs" and whip-stitching them together. That finished, I laid the complete sandwich out upstairs, which is where it stil is.

So...back downstairs to work more on the OB. HOWEVER, upon grabbing the blocks to begin laying them out, I saw the stacks of the Around the Raggedy World (AtRW) quilt that I started last week, and KNEW I had been lucky so far that the piles were still intact! (They are all stacked in the proper order for sewing). So......I bit the bullet and finished piecing them together, which REALLY didn't take all that long....only about an hour. So this baby has now joined the upstairs projects; I'm about half done ragging the edges and I hope to finish tonight (Tuesday).

So.....that's about it.....I'm sitting here with about another 10 minutes before needing to head out for today's class. The good news: I should be home-home around 4:00!!!! That only means LOTS of quilting time again tonight! My goals: quilt AG and finish ragging the AtRW!

Happy quilting!


Amanda said...

It sounds like a case of "Love them dearly, but .....". And it's not selfish - it's self preservation to have a little time all to yourself now and again. You'll be missing them like mad soon, but enjoy the chance to be YOU.

Donna said...

Enjoy your time. It is good for us to have a break now and then. All I can say regarding all the work done in the rest of your post is WOW!

Candace said...

The girls are enjoying their break and time with their grandparents, so it's nice that you can enjoy some of your favorite things, too.
Pretty soon, they'll be back and feeling glad to be home, and you'll be glad they are back, too. And grandma and grandpa can rest a bit.