Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JELLO Legs!!!

I am sitting in my "week-2" class right now on this Creating Math Excellence grant (ON BREAK, of course!!! I would NEVER blog during a class)...*wink*

My legs are complete jello! I just HAVE to blog this! I wasn't planning on running at all yesterday----I always take Monday off after my long runs on Sunday. But last night, after coming back from Taco-night at the local restaurant, I actually remained outside to do some yard work and NOT park my butt in front of the sewing machine! Go figure!!!

Anyway, after some mowing, weeding, and raking up grass for the horses, I was feeling a bit motivated. So....at 8:00, I laced up the tennies and ran my 3.2 mile route. Since I was feeling rather energetic, I decided to turn it into an AI (aerobic/speed interval) run and ran 2x2:00, 2:30 intervals.

OMGoodness!!!! My legs are sooooooooo "heavy and tired" today! I've had to walk up a couple of flights of stairs during our breaks, and.................wow! I feel like these legs aren't even mine!

Anyway---just wanted to blog this to remind me: CAREFUL when running two hard workouts back-to-back days!

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scraphappy said...

So how is the marathon training coming along? It sounds like you are keeping up with the schedule. Are you out for a new PR or another finish?