Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend update

I'm uploading/updating pictures and pages to my Family's Website and Quilting Website right now, so I figured I'd at least take a few moments to pipe in and document my weekend goings-on. :0)

We headed up to the farm of Friday morning, arriving just in time for lunch. We basically relaxed for the rest of the afternoon, sitting in the shade with a brilliant breeze blowing; I pulled out the baby-quilt that I had packed for accomplishing some more hand quilting on the hearts. Around 4:00, I tied up the laces for a quick 3 mile aerobic interval run before the evening festivities started.

The evening consisted of even MORE relaxing, lots of good eating (my MIL is an ex-chef of a their family-owned restaurant and EVERY meal she makes is fit for an army and presented beautifully!) We had grilled chicken on the grill and pork steaks.

Saturday started off with a 7 mile run before the heat really started pounding us. And again, the day simply consisted of relaxing, sun (and shade) bathing, some hand sewing, avon catalog searching, swimming for the kids, sandbox, fetch with Misha (BIL's Black lab), and simply NO STRESS :0) And actually, Sunday was a lot more of the same. Quite a simply enjoyable weekend without anything spectacular.

OH WAIT!!! How could I forget? On the way up to the farm on Friday, DH and I stopped to pick up a couple gallon pails of freshly picked strawberries. Well, it appears that MIL had the same thing in mind as me (fresh jam!!!!), because she ALSO had 2 gallon pails of strawberries at the farm!!! So----we had a LOT of strawberries, and spent Saturday afternoon making about 10 batches of strawberry jam, each yielding about 5-7 cups??? (I think) Regardless, I have a small collection in my freezer, my MIL kept a small collection, and my BIL and SIL each took a few containers too. I reserved two quart containers for my sister, who I'll be seeing next weekend. She LOVES strawberry jam!!!

When we arrived home yesterday (Sunday) afternoon, DH piddled outside with the animals while I started all the "inside" stuff---laundry, picking up a bit, unpacking.

Oh---how could I forget this too???? On Saturday, after my run, before making the jam, I stopped at the Walmart in Ashland (Wisconsin). They are about the only Walmart around that still has a nice collection of fabrics. Yeah, well, I walked away with about 20 yards of fabric with a new quilt in mind for my mother. NOT that I needed more fabric!!! I would show a pic of it, but the fabric is still in the dryer. Soon......

As for the quilting front---I basted the last part of Cathy's Aunt Sukey last night once the kids were in bed. I started quilting part of it this morning, but have taken a break since the kids needed to be picked up from summer school at 2:00. I'll head back down later once they get all settled after a snack.

I'll tune back in later, all.


Amanda said...

What a wonderful weekend - if you get on with your family they can be the most relaxing people in the world can't they. The strawberry jam sounds delicious - they should be getting cheap enough here soon to buy a quantity and make some, though I've not come across a recipe for freezer jam, which I've seen mentioned in several blogs. If you have a moment perhaps you could post the recipe.

Lori said...

I had my first venture with strawberry jam. I need to redo it. Not enough Pectin??? It is too runny. (maiden voyage)* giggle*
From reading... it sounds like you had fun.

Carol said...

Wow, I am just tired reading about your weekend! :D So glad you had a wonderful relaxing time. That is what it is all about, relaxing, being with family, and good food!