Thursday, July 3, 2008

Please forgive me.....

....of all the typos! I usually re-read my posts before publishing them, but not tonight. (Well, actually I did, AFTER already published, but I didn't feel like going back to edit.)

Yes, I'm a teacher
Yes, I expect students to know how to read and write
Yes, I take pride in my work

But come on folks....this isn't a final draft---it's my journal. *shrug*'s my journal---I guess I never really thought of it completely that way, but golly! Almost 70 entries----not all quilting; some of family; but what a great way to keep track of the daily "goings-on" of the family!

So.....please know that I DISPISE (sp?) typos and even more---I can't STAND IT when I make speeling (err....spelling) errors, but....

I type fast
it's late
I just want ot (err to) get my thoughts down
and head to bed.......


I will hold nothing against any of you either if/when you make typos. We're only human :0)

Good night all----past midnight and I have high hopes for a quilting day tomorrow (


Amanda said...

I reckon typos and spelling mistakes are all part of the charm of blogs (as long as they're not mine!!!). You're right, blogs are a journal and not a finished, edited product - I bet Samuel Pepys didn't waste time checking his spelling every night.

Lori said...

Perfection = STRESS in my mind

Who needs more stress ?

Not Me!!!!Nope.... Nada..

Candace said...

I've caught myself if several lately. Some I have been able to fix and some, it was too late. Oh well, we're all human.

Candace said...


Linda said...

Sepelling mitstakes, who do that? Hey girl, don't worry, we are not the spelling police or the quilt police. We enjoy the content not the spelling! I work for two doctors and I can read just about anything! I read an interesting thing and if I can find it, I will send it to you. It was an article about misspelling. The article said that as long as you got the
1st letter and last letter correct, the middle didn't really matter because so many people scanned words instead of really reading the words or something like that. The whole article was written with misspelled words and was very interesting to read. Anyway, don't stress! Just get it down, hugs! Linda