Wednesday, July 9, 2008

*sigh* not feeling well.....

There are very few things that I would put on a "I hate most in the world...." list, but.....
last night (early this morning) around 1:00, I started tossing and turning, NOT feeling well---I might have dozed on and off, but it seemed that every 10 minutes or so I was looking at the clock again. Finally, at around 2:30, I got up and tried a drink of water------UGH! NOT GOOD! To put this nicely, I was "sick" within 10 minutes. I don't have a solid idea at what caused me to be ill, although I did double-up on my medicine yesterday because I didn't take it on Monday. Perhaps my stomach just couldn't handle it.

*sigh* So from then until I woke up at 6:30, I was sick almost every hour, and one last time at 7:00 this morning. After that episode, I tried some Diet Coke (yes----believe it or not----I once heard that Coke (not Diet coke) has a way of taming down the stomach and it has worked in the past for me, so.....); and thankfully I wasn't sick anymore after that. However, I had blood tests scheduled for 9:00 (a "fasting" bloodtest), so I called the clinic to see if the Diet soda would hinder the results.

Tidbit of information: DIET soda will not cause discrepancies in cholesterol/glucose tests, however NON-DIET soda will. I hadn't known that.

So, 9:00 came; blood drawn; and then Candace and I spent a couple of hours doing errands for DH. Pig food, chicken food, horse food, dog food, lawnmower belt, tiller parts, more horse fence; sounds like a true "farmer's" shopping list, huh? :0)

I'm debating if I want to head downstairs for some quilting, but I don't feel completely up to it. Rather, maybe I'll start designing out and planning a quilt for DH's boss's christmas quilt.

Thanks for tuning in to my wee-little world again.
Happy quilting


Infinity Quilter said...

I hope you feel better soon. I'd say don't push it and just relax today. Your quilting will wait until tomorrow! ;0)

Carol said...

Your quilt looks wonderful and your quilting is pretty darn good also! Take care of yourself, and I hope you get feeling better soon. :D