Thursday, August 14, 2008

A change of sports, for the moment

Running and quilting aside, for the moment. I woke early this morning and flipped through channels just to see if there was any Olympic coverage happening. Lucky me to have found VOLLEYBALL! The Russian vs. Brazil game----WOW! It is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING how some of these spikes can be dug up. All aspects of the game are fun to watch for me---a good serve, nice pass, beautiful sets, and of course the big SMASHES, BUT.......nothing, and I mean nothing, puts me in more awe than those DIGS!!!!!

The game is currently in set 4 (22-18 Russia); and it IS sad that the officiating has played a factor in this match. One bad call is one thing, but there have been a good handful of "iffy" calls since set 2.

Still on the volleyball topic, but "downing" the talent for a second :0)
--last night was our last night of league "round robin" for the summer. Next week starts our single elimination tournament. Our opponents last night lead the league and they are a BLAST to play! We've really struggled this summer and are somewhere in the middle of the standings. Typically, we are in the top three (of 14 teams). Anyway, we won the first game 15-12 (still on "old school" scoring), got CLOBBERED in the second (2-15) YIKES!!!! Although we lost the third and fourth also, they were battles. We were missing our top girl (we play with 3 males/3 females), and we couldn't (didn't want to) find a substitute that could "fill the position," so we played with only 5 (as did our opponents).

My husband and I are perfect combos on the court: I'm a 5'4" setter, while he's a 6'6" hitter. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever mentioned that playing Vball is how DH and I met. It seriously was one of those "friend-of-a-brother-of-a friend" situations! He and I ended up playing on the same in 1993, right after my HS graduation. And, (as they say), the rest is history.

I don't know about any of you----but it was CRAZY how fast DH and I moved into engagement status! I "just knew" he was the one!!! It sounds like the classic cliche, but it's SO TRUE!

Anyway, the Vball match has ended--Russia wins. It's 7:30 and STILL no little feet have crawled out of bed---a record, I think!!! So....hmmmmmmmmm.......I suppose I could start some laundry since the girls and I are going to be heading up to Ashland's farm tonight since Gma and Gpa are going to be there. DH will join us tomorrow evening. I'll be out of town until Sunday, so Happy Weekend!

(BTW: This is post #95)----still nothing in mind for a give-away! Hey---maybe THAT's what I can do right now!!!


Candace said...

My parents knew each other's families, and my father's cousin was my mother's best friend, but they didn't know each other until they went out on a date with other partners, and eloped 2 days later. It was during the war, so I guess they didn't want to wait. They had times when they didn't feel all warm and fuzzy, but I guess it worked out ok, as they were married over 50 years when my father passed away. Sometimes, it doesn't take a long time to 'know'.

Lori said...

I like vball too! Another sport that TALL girls are good at. I still want to be a ballerina!