Monday, August 25, 2008

Mashas Wonky Nines--top complete

I really did NOT have intentions tonight of finishing this top---honest! In fact, when I went downstairs earlier, I didn't really even feel like sewing (again). So, at first, I putzed some by tackling the scrap pile a bit more---cut a few more 1.5", 2", 2.5" strips AND squares. Then, I sifted through the fabric and found this quarter-yard piece of awesome striped pink fabric that I thought would be PERFECT for the inner border of Masha's quilt----so off I went.

Unfortunately, I measured ONCE (instead of twice), and cut and sewed....... Actually, I misread the pattern and ended up being about HALF A STRIP TOO SHORT!!! (The MAIN pattern is a crib size and asks for quarter-yard, but I've been following the twin-size alternative, and IT asks for 3/8 yard -----DUH!!!!) By this time, however, I had already sewed the two side borders on the quilt and I wasn't ABOUT to rip them out.........*pondering, pondering*. Well, heck....this baby is so "crazy" with all the colors ANYWAY, who would really notice or pay any mind to a slight scrappy inner border???? So, I grabbed another striped pink (horizontal, though) and pieced it in with the "too-short" strip. (See bottom inner border in picture). And, golly.....since I'd gone THAT far, I might as well cut the purple and sew those borders on too, right???? So, at 10:30, I finished laying out the finished top, grabbed the camera for some quick pics, and came upstairs, planted my butt in the glider, and logged on. And v'iola----here I am :0)

This top will be folded and set aside for now---no intentions of quilting it just yet. So, I'm ready for the mystery of Bonnie's. (as well as another off the C'mas quilt list!) I'll probably tackle Scot's (DH's boss) next-----the pattern I chose (Leavenworth Nine Patch) looks rather simple, and I'm excited to see how the camoflauge fabric looks with it. Hmmmm.......I didn't even realize until just now, typing the name, that it's another nine-patch of sorts. Hmpf....coincidence?

I really need to get my butt to bed-----first day of inservice tomorrow. I HAD intentions of running (literally RUNNING) in to school in the morning and then running home afterwards BUT I forgot Caitlyn has 4K (preschool) orientation tomorrow, so I won't have TIME to run home after school. *sigh* Hence, I'll need to drive in so I can drive back home to pick her up after inservice in time for orientation. Ugh! I was SO looking forward to logging 10 miles tomorrow!!! Oh well, I'll have to settle on 4 or 5 tomorrow night once we get back from orientation.

Happy quilting!


Amanda said...

I think you're right, the scrappy pink border looks just fine. Have a good day at school, inservice can sometimes be a bit hit-and-miss can't it?

Carol said...

Hey there! Being gone 2 weeks seems like forever, and I sure missed reading everyone's blogs, no internet in Canada where we were. Just wanted to tell you that I too now have a 100 post giveaway and wanted you to be sure you get entered. I will be drawing a winner on the 3rd of Sept. Don't forget!
Hope school is fun for you this year and not too taxing. Our schools started here on the 12th of August. It seems to get earlier every year. :(

Carol said...
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Linda said...

The Wonky Nines quilt is beautiful! Love all the colors! Love the inner border pink.
Can't wait to see the Leavenworth Nine patch with camo fabric!

scraphappy said...

I just knew when I pulled up your blog that you would have a grand end of summer finale ready to go. I think the border is great. If you hadn't pointed out that the other pink is different, I probably wouldn't have noticed it, much less been bothered by it. What is it they say, "There are no mistakes, just design decisions."? I think my husband has a computer version that he uses, "Those aren't bugs, they are undocumented features." Congratulations on yet another finish, you are making me feel like I'm real slacker, and I'm going to go now and either piece a back (sigh) or try some side setting triangles. Wish me luck.