Saturday, August 30, 2008

OTR, Lake Run and Volleyball update

I finished ironing all 184 4-patch and 8 half-block-corner-thingies (REALLLLLY---I don't know why I can't EVER remember what those are called!!!!). Laying them out last night, I just played and shot this pic. I used the men's plaid shirts that I picked up at some garage sales earlier this summer. I'm kinda hoping they will fit the bill, afterall, *I* think they are "fall-ish" colors. I haven't started part 2, nor will be able to until Monday night at the earliest. So, for the rest of you piecing away, have fun and enjoy!

Today started out waking at 6:00 for some oatmeal and coffee in order to "energize" for the 15K. But after 3 bites of oatmeal, I was done---I just wasn't hungry, nor was it tasting all that great. I did finish up my cup of coffee, though :0)
The morning was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Temps were FORTY-SIX at 6:00!!!!! LOVELY cool weather!!!!! By race start (8:00), it may have warmed up to upper 60's, low 70's, but the LOW humidity really helped make the race tolerable. The sky was cloudless, full sun, and by mid-race, the temps were picking up. However, much of the course is bordered by woods, so there was adequate shade for about 70% of the race. I wanted to make 9:30's (9:30 min/miles), and finished just off that mark, averaging 9:43's. I came in at 1:30:42, and I'm okay with that. I finished at 9:30, allowed myself 15 minutes of cool-down, and then I was literally off and running again to the volleyball courts half a mile away. Vball started at 10:00 and went on until about 5:00, with high temps reaching mid-80's. We had a nice schedule where we had a game's rest inbetween most of our matches, so we never really got to a point of extreme "over-heating." However, I knew I was getting into a little trouble around 3:00 when a wave of nausea hit me. I REALLLLY did try to stay hydrated, polishing off 3 bottles of gatorade and 4-5 bottles of water, but I just couldn't keep up with the amount of sweat I was losing. I jumped on the scale tonight just to see how bad it was, and I dropped 5 pounds since this AM----NOT GOOD! So, I pumped some more gatorade in since I've been home, and have been sipping water inbetween sentences :0) We finished 3rd, which is right where we knew we would. The top 2 teams were teams from our Wednesday night leagues, and they TRULY are awesome and consistent! We walked away with $100 and were happy :0)

Tomorrow AM, DH and I are off to the farm. We'll spend the rest of the Holiday weekend up there, and bring the girls back sometime on Monday---hopefully not too late, though. So, happy weekend to all of you!!!


scraphappy said...

Way to go at the race. Most people would start the day with that and then go home to rest, shower, and relax. I can't believe you followed it up with a full day of volleyball. No wonder you are dehydrated! I spent an unpleasant day in the emergency room with one of my running partners after he pushed himself too hard during an 18 miler on hot day. Not fun at all. OTR is looking great -- you are so good to finish one step before moving ahead to the next. I'm currently part way done with steps one and two. (I shouldn't mention that I cheated and looked at step 3 either). Have fun at the farm.

Linda said...

Congrats on the run! 5 lbs! Wow, that's alot to lose in just one day. Take care.

Your OTR looks good. I haven't started mine yet.

Congrats on your 100th posting, I didn't get to get in on it at the time but wanted to let you know I saw it...Thanks for commenting on my blog - good luck and come back to see me anytime. Hugs, Linda