Saturday, August 23, 2008

I won!

Not to rub it in, folks, but....

I won
I won
I won

Wooo-hooooo! Amanda's 100th post give-away drawing came and went, with ME being chosen as the random winner. Amanda still is keeping it a mystery, not even posting a picture of it on her blog yet until it arrives. *oooo----the excitement builds*

I hope Amanda doesn't mind me sharing a comment from her email to me.....
"It was lovely to meet new people who came to visit when they heard about the give away, but I was so pleased that the winner was someone I knew."

I feel the same, Amanda, and still find it so amazing that we've met each other and keep tabs on each other half a world away from each other. We are so blessed with this amazing technology!!! I also can't wait to see all the comments that will come flying into my lil 'ol blog in a couple of days when I reach 100. This is officially post #98, so only two more to go.

Ooooooooo----------on a different note: I've been kicking back, logged in, and watching a replay of the USA vs. Brazil Women's VBall gold medal game. Tis sad the USA lost, but Brazil dominated brilliantly. BUT----I can't wait for another hour and a half-----MEN'S MARATHON!!!!! It goes without saying that I would love to see nothing other than Ryan Hall bring home the gold, however this is a terrific field of athletes!

Speaking of running, I didn't make it out the door yesterday for my 4 miles---it was CRAZILY WINDY around here!!! However, I did hit the road this morning for a 13.9 miler (22.37km). It wiped me out, to say the least. Running that far is ONE thing, but the HILLLLLLLS that are on that course are beasts! So, why not choose an easier course? Good question----but I have a hilly race coming up in 4 weeks, so it's great preparation. My total climb over the run was 1441 ft

So, with that note, I am going to head outside to see what #1 and #2 are up to. They've been outside all afternoon, while #3 and DH have been napping since 2:00 ('s 5:00 right now and both are STILL "napping") it REALLY still considered "napping" if it's been THREE HOURS?!?!?!? *grin*


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Congrats! I'm glad you won! Enjoy and happy quilting!

Lori said...

I am Happy for you! Amanda is a "Stitching Expert". Can't wait to see what you recieve???

Lori said...

Oh I forgot...A nap is a nap. Miss Elly and I know all about a nap. Yup...its true.

scraphappy said...

I was SO happy to see that you were the lucky winner. It is so much cooler when the prize goes to a regular reader. I bet it will be a cool stitchery. Great work on the 14 miler! Hard to imagine a hill workout like that, but you will reap the benefits of your training during the race. I loved watching the marathon last night. They were so fast! I kept waiting for them to run out of steam at the end, but hardly anyone did.