Thursday, August 7, 2008

a GOOD run!!!

I'm sitting here waiting for some noodles to finish cooking; I got home at 8:45pm from the second round of Principal interviews (and for me it really was "the best was saved for last.") I was worried that no candidates were going to be "good enough." But, yada, yada, yada. It's out of our hands now (the staff panel); the Board has the final call-back interviews next Tuesday and they have the final vote.

Anyway, I literally dropped everything at the door, ran to the bedroom and did a power-change-of-clothes that even the top modeling agencies would be amazed with!!! I NEEEEEDED to get a "good" run (even though it may be short) before Saturday's race. I was out the door at 8:48pm, light diminishing FAST, wearing my visible WHITE running jersey and cute little red "light-flashy-thingy" that my sister gave me for Christmas. It FINALLY got used! The run was short, but GOOD! I only did the 2 mile run (1.8 to be more exact); the weather was PERFECTLY cool, no sun. And BOY, did it get dark FAST! I saw a couple of deer, and thankfully no bears. I did panic myself about the bears after I saw the mind went to instant "uh-oh! Are the bears going to come out? Is there a known "mama" in the area that I don't know about that may be protecting cubs?" But all was well.

*sigh* I am sooooo thankful I was able to get a GOOOOD run in! Last Saturday's race and Tuesday's too-soon-after-supper" run just weren't sitting well with me as the final runs to go into Saturday with. I now feel confident that I CAN finish those hills in 2:30----and maybe even 2:20????

Okay all---off to eat some carbs! I'm a bit starved! I didn't think of eating BEFORE the interviews tonight----DUH!


Amanda said...

Good luck on Saturday. I'll have to tell Christopher about your 'bear scare' - the most he ever has to worry about is the odd dog jumping out at him.

Candace said...

Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you.

scraphappy said...

Good luck on your race. I can't wait for the full report. Enjoy your carbs. How many times in our lives can we deliberately carb load and feel good about it? I hope your weather is cool. Lucky you for getting the first half. At least you know about the hills, you just have to wait and see if the heat is going to show up.