Thursday, August 7, 2008

Marathon relay update; Cathy's Aunt Sukey Pillows

As promised, (and mostly so others can have pity on me :0) ), here is the elevation map of the Marathon course this weekend. As a full marathon, this course is a monster! (MPO-my personal opinion). Two years ago, Julie ran the first 13.1 miles and I ran the second; last year we reversed roles. After completing our course in 4:24 last year (we were 4:50 two years ago--the first time we ran it), we instantly made plans for the "game-plan" this year. Amazingly, we both loved the parts we ran last year, so we decided to keep roles the same: I will be running the first HILLY half, and she'll be running the second HOT half. And HOT it will be!!! Temps are forecasted in the 80's for Saturday-----oh I hope they drop some! Angela has asked about this race; There are a few options of running. You could
a) Run the whole marathon (YIKERS!!!!!!) Maybe, someday!
b) Run as a 2-person relay (which is what Julie and I do)
c) Run as a 5-person relay. The first 4 runners each run 5 miles, and the 5th runner runs the remaining 6.2 miles (10K). THESE are the individuals that really make the race fun! They bring in the spectators, essentially because there are LOTS of 5-person teams, and imagine only the "4-waiting-runners" cheering the whole gang on; that's A LOT of people!!! Besides, some of these relay teams are absolutely crazy!!! Two years ago, there was a group of males; each dressed in a dress; and their "pact" was to each drink at least 2 beers along their section of the race. What a riot they were!!!

Anyway, the yellow high-lights at 3, 6, 9, 11, 13 are where my water-stations are. Julie, running the last half, will have stations at 15, 18, and then every mile from 20 to the finish. Last year, we BOTH amazed ourselves at our times! We both were hoping to maintain 10/min miles, and we both JUST about did! I came to the half-way-point at 2:11:30, and she crossed the finished lined at 4:24:07 (which means she ran a 2:12:37). We both are very realistic this year, and since neither of us has really dedicated ourselves completely to our training plans, we both just hope to enjoy the day and each come in at at least 2:30.

This morning, I set to finish up Cathy's Birthday present completely by putting together two pillows. The pillow forms are 16", and the finished block sizes of the quilt are 15". HOW PERFECT! I added a small border, and I whipped out two blocks in no time since I had most of the pieces already cut (left over from making the quilt.) I then spent the next 20 minutes quilting the first one and putting it all together. My "please oil" light came on, but I chose to ignore it until after I finished both pillows. However, upon starting my second one, I had "tension" issues and the "eye-lashes" showed up. So, a good cleaning and oiling followed a "ripping-out" session. Lo-n-behold, once I quilted it again, no problems what-so-ever! So----lesson learned! Oil the machine when it says so!!! :0) I didn't think of taking any pics of the completed pillows, but those'll come soon!

The girls decided to fight the heat of the upstairs by coming downstairs with me. They plopped down and watched Ice Age---this photo-op was too cute to pass up. It's one of the few times they've actually all sat quietly around that teeny-tiny DVD player....

I suppose---it's time to get ready for Round #2 of Principal interviews tonight. 4 down last night; 2 more to go tonight. Whew---tough choice!


scraphappy said...

The marathon sounds like so much fun. I can see how the 5 person relays would really liven things up. The heat really can make a difference in your racing strategy. Although I'm guessing those hills add a bit of a challenge to your half as well. Just reading your description makes me want to go out and run!
The girls look way too cute all huddled around the movie. It looks like they all all enjoying their last few weeks of summer.

Julie said...

Good luck on your marathon. I'll be cheering you on from Valley, Alabama!!