Friday, August 29, 2008

Old Tobacco Road Mystery; and other updates...

I'm sitting here, watching "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton." Quite the silly "chick-flick" right now; I know it's been out forever, but this is the first time I've seen it. And, of COURSE, I had intentions of being downstairs piecing tonight---I guess that won't happen until 9:00 now. And by THAT time, I'll have to start getting my clothes ready for tomorrow's athletic-packed agenda; 9K race @ 8:00; Volleyball tournament @ 10:00 - ???. So, I might NOT get downstairs, afterall. what have I been doing downstairs?? Last night, I FINALLY was able to get down there again---the first since Monday night, I think! Yeah, yeah....when I finished Masha's Wonky Nines. Anyway, so I pulled out the camoflauge fabric and started cutting 3.5" strips for Scot's quilt. I haven't come up with a name yet----I suppose I'll just call it Scot's Camo Leavenworth, after the pattern of the block. I pieced one full block before calling it a night. Then, today, I went to school for a few hours, stopped at the bank, the pharmacy, and the post office to send off Angela's package *wink*, and then headed home to start working on the OTR mystery. Woo-hoo.

HOWEVER, on the way home, I did a "U-eee" back to a garage sale that had a bunk-bed out front----This photo isn't one that I took; I just found a pic on the internet that showed a bunk set that is exactly like the ONE I BOUGHT for the girls. The lady had a CRAZY price tag on it, and I offered her HALF what she wanted. She pondered for a while, then took my offer. Wooo-hoooo! When DH got home from work tonight, we went to pick it up; and then spent the next hour cleaning out Candace's and Caitlyn's rooms (removing the twin beds and putting them downstairs) and set up the Bunk. HOWEVER, guess where all the "old" twin beds are being stored right now/?!?!? Yup---downstairs DIRECTLY on my carpet area where I lay out of my "quilts-in-progess." SO......sometime SOON, I'll have to spend a day cleaning and rearranging things downstairs so I can have my carpet back.

Okay, anyway, after I got home, I grabbed some lunch (something better than JUST a candybar at a gas station *wink*) and then headed downstairs to work on the Part 1 of OTR. By 3:30, I finished up the 184 4-blocks; YET to be ironed, though. I haven't made the 8 half-corner-thingies (I can NEVER remember what those little corner blocks are called!) I haven't really pulled any fabrics together for the 3.5" strips that Bonnie has recommended; and I ended up using my plaid men's shirts I purchased earlier this summer for my 4-patch blocks. Oh---and my "lights" were very controlled----ALL WHITE! Quite simple, huh? I'll get pics up on here by Monday night, but I doubt if it'll happen before then.

Okay, well the movie just ended. I think I'm going to get my clothes together quick and then head downstairs for JUST a wee-little bit tonight! After tomorrow's running and vball day, we are heading up to the farm. The girls are already up there with BOTH sets of G'parents, so we need to go up to get them AND spend some time relaxing on Sunday.

Okay, okay----Night all!


Amanda said...

I've never heard of the film, but hope you enjoyed it. The bunk beds are GREAT - I bet your girls love them. There's something magical about bunk beds, but I'm not sure why. I don't think I'm going to do Bonnie's mystery as I've got more than enough on my plate at the moment, with swaps and Christmas presents to get done. Have a good day tomorrow, you put me to shame, but then I've never been sporty. I tried running once, but got bored, couldn't see the point and team games (!) with a ball!!!! Not for me. Have a good weekend too.

Candace said...

The bunkbeds look great, and it sounds like you got an extra good deal on them. Kids love bunkbeds.
Wow, you are zipping along on OTR.
I picked out fabric and bought some more to go with it, and that's as far as I've gotten. I'm going pink and brown.