Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Machine needs surgery, been cutting and cleaning, Wanna see how much you know?

Okay...sad news from the Tech Guy on my Bernina; a "unique injury" that doesn't occur too often has occurred. It will require ordering parts and a day or two of a "learning curve" since he has never seen this "injury" before. All I know is: warranty SHOULD (it BETTER!!!!!) cover the parts (she's ONLY 19 months old!), and that she'll need another full week before she'll be on the mend :0(

So....Brother, ya gotta keep helping me out.

I sewed up Set #6 of Paintbox blocks Monday night (pics in camera downstairs--too lazy to get it).
Then last night, I had a weird motivation of CLEANING and de-CLUTTERING! I took some before pics (again, downstairs in camera), but no after pics yet. I'm not quite finished. So, that's on the agenda as soon as I finish up this post.

Finally, I receive a weekly email from Quilting. There was a fun link that is worth sharing....check it out:

Know your blocks? Try this quiz!
NOTE: My score was 16/30. Yikes! BUT, give me a math quiz, and I'd kick yer butts! :0)
Happy Wednesday!


scraphappy said...

Unique injury -- yikes, I guess being different isn't always good. I hope the warranty holds. I got 22 out of 30, but some of those patterns were really obscure.

Crafty Maine Mom said...

That was fun. I only got 12 out of 30. I didn't know there were so many different blocks out there.

Jackie said...

I only got 16 right. I don't know my blocks very well at all and there were some there I'd never seen before.

I hope your machine comes home to you soon!

deborah said...

I do hope your machine gets well soon! There is only so much cleaning and organizing a person can do without a sewing break!

Amanda said...

Is it true that the fancier the machine, the more that can go wrong with it? That was a fun quiz, though I only got 16 right too.

Laurel said...

I only got 16 right, too. Alot of 16's. Hmmmm....

Have a great weekend.