Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiltathon - Saturday new project; Cassie in basketball

Wow---I guess I DID only work on one project today. Candace (Wraggedy Patches) has been posting about this Fransson Paintbox quilt-along that has some FUN blocks. Well, I printed out the instructions a few days ago and set them on top of this set of "girly" fabrics that looked FUN as well. It's not a true paintbox, not this version anyway; it was just a cute way to burn up some fabrics for a small girl quilt. I'm not sure what layout to use though---the random or the mono-chromatic. Any thoughts from you????
The rose is from Cassie, BTW.

This morning, Cassie had basketball. It's very laid-back for these ages (1st - 3rd grades). Once kids are organized into teams, a running clock is started for 15 minutes and they just play. Then a short break, and then back for another 15 minutes. It's just a fun way for the kids to start learning the fundamentals and to have some fun and exercise. G'ma enjoyed taking some pics and cheering her on.

Watching some Olympics right now, but may head back downstairs for some more quilting before the night is over.


Melissa Crosby said...

I like the top one best!

Jackie said...

They're both quite nice but the random one appeals to me a bit more. Trust your instincts and go for what you like!

Linda said...

What a fun way to introduce basketball to kids. It looks like she's enjoying it too.

I like both but I vote for the random setting. Hugs, Linda

Candace said...

I think I like the top one best, but it's hard to think when your mouth is open in amazement. Wow, you really got those done fast, and they look great.
My DH loved coaching the girl's basketball team at church, he would think it's great to get the girls playing early. Cassie looks like she's having a good time.

Cornfield Quilter said...

I love the new project, the colors are just yummy! Looks like you had a fun, fun weekend!

Lori said...

Oh... I love B-ball! (being 5'11" what other sport would be good) LOL

Our school has a simular program. Those fundamentals are soo important. Great for the kids that stick with it and just fun for the Kids that don't.

I like the first layout. Very Pretty!

Infinity Quilter said...

I like the random look. Way to go Cassie! Looks like she had fun.

Alli said...

Beautiful colors!! I like the random.