Friday, February 26, 2010

March BOM

I am SO thankful Friday has made its way to me!
Today was a doosey, and I'm just thankful for work to be over and that I WILL be able to put that behind me. It used to be, the first few years I taught, I wouldn't be able to "leave things at the door." Only every now-n-then NOW do I find certain "issues" plaguing me in the evenings; I have become experienced enough to be able to leave most 'issues' at the door when I leave school.

Some of you have poked around enough to find the BOM updated page :0) **wink-wink**
This post is informing ALL of my followers that I have updated my Skattebo's Creations website. It received a lovely facelift, with a background that reminds me so much of MODA fabrics ;0) It's still rather bare, and I need to find time (and motivation) to get it up to the completeness my old site was, but for now, it serves its purpose. You can either link to the BOM off of the main page, or link directly to it here:
BOM by Amy. I have included the link on my side bar as well.

The blocks for March:
Scrap Happy.

Double Friendship Star

Arizona Cactus (for our AZ resident!!!)

Enjoy your weekend. My goals????
[[insert clashing piano chord music]]
I want them to get finished and hung.
Outside of that---I really don't know. I have so many WIP's in the fire; I may just sew a little on each of them.
I will wait on any actual quilting until I get my Bernina back from the shop; most likely next weekend :0( ??? Crossing fingers!!!

Happy Friday night

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