Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More quilts for kids; Now-n-Forever returns; new scrappy blocks

Something to show for my past three evenings.....
Sunday night, I started cutting up some of the new loot for a Quilts 4 Kids project...

... and I had enough of this frog fabric to make two. VERY fast piecing....
but now...I'm stumped on names for these two quilts. Do you have a NAME suggestion? Otherwise, I'll be doomed to put "Frog-green" and "Frog-blue" on these labels! LOL

When I went downstairs tonight, I spent the first half hour tidying, cutting up some scraps that have been collecting on the side of my cutting mat (which had been reduced to about 20 "working" inches due to the scraps)..., and I found myself cutting for my Scrappy Log Cabin that I have been stock piling pieces for in a shoebox. So....I whipped out 9 blocks, just to play :0)

Umm...yeah...tonight was a night of "play" and "putz"---because after I finished up those blocks, I looked around my quilting room. I walked over and blew the dust off of my Now -n- Forever blocks, and I figured I might as well start working on them now, or it will be forever until they see a finish. ((yeah, pun COMPLETELY intended)) :0)
I sewed up the two purple blocks and the two orange blocks tonight. All 12 blocks are now complete, but I don't think I'll make the TRUE Now-n-Forever design. Nope--no way! I think I'll just turn it into a cute lil' girl's lap quilt since the fabrics are lively and bright.

Okay: tick-tock, tick=tock.
Night everyone
Happy Wednesday


bingo~bonnie said...

love seeing these Q4K quilts everyone is making. I put one together in January and was amazed at how quick it went together ;)

have you seen the new Downey commercials that they are showing on TV now with the quilts? ;)

a name that comes to mind is - "Look before you Leap" ;) but no idea for the 2nd one... maybe "Look twice before you Leap" ?? :P

Love from Texas! ~bonnie

Jackie said...

You've been busy! I love the now and forever blocks...really bright and happy. I've never sewn a Log Cabin but hope to soon. I really like yours.

Candace said...

You get so much done, and such cute projects. I'm sure that they will be well loved. I'd like to be a kid again if I could have the Now -n- Forever blocks quilt, lol. It looks like a pretty candy dish treat.

Tracy said...

I just received my Quilts4kids kit. I want to start it this weekend...we're expecting lots of snow so it'll be a good time to work on it.
Love that Now and Forever quilt, I love bright colors!
As for naming quilts...I totally stink at that!

Laurel said...

How about "Lilly Pad Hop" for the green one and "Clear Skies with a Chance of Frogs" for the blue one.

You sure have gotten alot done lately. And don't give up on the Now and Forever quilt. You did a fast and good job on the quilt that had applique on it for one of your daughter's last summer, so you know you can do it, just modify the pattern.

Lori said...

Luv the log cabin blocks!

scraphappy said...

Hoppy to be a Frog
Happy to be Hopping
Hoppin Along
Friendly Frogs
Four by Frogs
Kissing Frogs
Prince in Training

I'm just brainstorming here.... What was that last Disney movie with the frog and the Princess?

The quilts look great. I just got mine in the mail and will save it for the weekend.
The now and Forever look great and certainly haven't taken forever -- at least not yet.

Anonymous said...

What about Leapin Frogs?

Linda said...

Your frog quilts are very cute. Great, quick projects. Some little kid will love them...I have thought and thought and can't come up with any names yet. Still pondering on it, mam. I'll get back to you on that...I like your Now and Forever blocks, very cute. And, your Log Cabins are great. The Log Cabin quilt was the first quilt I ever made. It is one of my favorites and I like it scrappy like yours, very nice...You've been very busy, keep it up girl.

Anonymous said...

I meant to send a comment when I first saw your Quilt For Kids. I am so glad that you listed the website for this worthy cause. I requested a quilt on Friday and it arrived to my home by Tuesday. This quilt was so easy to make that I plan on making several more to send back.

Thank you for providing this information to all your readers.

Amy Thompson (don't have a blog)

Heather said...

Had fun visiting. And also great to see another wisconsinite online. I too am in wisconsin. I just started quilting but I do many other crafts. Please stop by for a visit sometime. Past projects can be seen in photo album.

Happy Crafting

Lori in South Dakota said...

The green frogs were kissed by the princess and the blue frog weren't! And I love the kaleidoscope quilt, it is on the list, and the fabric bought! Oh dear, there just isn't enough time to sew!